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@YinzPittsburghers Not in Pittsburgh? Can you get to the Scranton area, the Poconos, or Philly from New York or New Jersey? Baltimore to Harrisburg is a quick trip. You only go to homes of registered Democrats, so people are friendly. Or make calls from anywhere.

Pittsburgh area friends: volunteer this weekend to

We know that PA is a key state in 2020.

Work on the ground is key to flipping PA back to blue and electing Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Democrats up and down the ballot!

Join a socially distanced canvass shift to have safe conversations with voters outside their homes or a contactless literature drop to leave information at voters’ doors.

Mt. Lebanon Get Out The Vote Canvass/Lit Drop · Back To Blue PA

@PixxburghGirl I was one of those fighting. It's not a deal breaker issue for Pennsylvanians.

@TonyStark Republicans hate working people. That's really the only message they have on it.

No civilized country should tolerate the income disparity or worker poverty that we have. Raise the damn wage and do it federally. The plan is even a series of steps, not overnight.

A person working full-time should be able to afford to buy a house or apartment. $15 is the floor. States can add on as they see fit. People up at the top can make less and pay their taxes.

Biden wants to raise federal minimum wage. Trump doesn’t:


This is why some kind of retraining program would be necessary. It’s worth noting that there are government-funded programs designed to help retrain coal miners to develop skills in other industries, but Trump and Republicans tried to cut the funding for them significantly and were stopped in the House.

According to the New York Times, Trump's tax returns show over $50 million of "forgiven debt" in 2016 and 2017.  So who forgives debt owed by a "billionaire" candidate for President or President?  Russia? Saudi Arabia? China? Let's find out!

I have so many reasons to vote Biden/Harris, but this is a good one, too.

Loan payments loom as Trump fights for his political future – and the future of his business -

Meanwhile in Colorado things are going nicely!
From SoS Jena Griswold:
“More than 1.4 million Coloradans have already voted, over 50% percent of Colorado’s total 2016 vote!
When every registered voter is mailed a ballot, it’s easier to have our voices heard. Let’s keep the high turnout and momentum going, Colorado!“

Yinz can't reject my ballot just because I can't sign it exactly like I did when the PAT bus was still a dollar and a quarter.

Pennsylvania can not reject mail-in ballots due to signature discrepancy -state court | Article [AMP] | Reuters


Why does everyone think that fracking is THE issue in Pennsylvania. Most Pennsylvanians are not proponents of it.  The machinery ruins the landscape, the roads, and the water. A lot of communities fought to try and ban it already.

Pennsylvanians want jobs FOR PENNSYLVANIANS, and help for the people out of work and COVID assistance.

Union leaders have Biden’s back on fracking. But in Pennsylvania, their members aren’t so sure:

@TonyStark I understand quite well that times are hard for journalists these days, but I just don't think manufacturing a horse race narrative is making that any better.

It's been what, a week? Joe biden is already on TV making me proud of my mailed in (and confirmed received) vote for him.

The leaders of most major oil producers have long acknowledged that oil will be a declining form of energy and are looking to diversify their businesses in both energy and beyond.

There are 3-4 times more jobs in wind or solar than in oil or gas. 

The oil industry is not popular with your average American. No downside to Joe's comment unless you liked flammable water.

Analysis | How politically damaging were Biden’s comments about closing down the oil industry?:


Big oil is transitioning away from the oil industry. Any oil executive who is worth his or her salt can see the writing on the wall and knows that oil consumption is in decline and will continue to. The shift away from oil is inevitable. The future is in perfecting renewable tech.

It's sad that our modern culture only seems to recognise Eros as "real" love and everything else is considered lesser somehow.

I think this is part of what bothers me about fandom things. An author can work to carefully sculpt any one of these kinds of love between two characters in a story. But no, they looked at each other one time, so now the whole fandom is obsessed with the idea of the two of them banging.

For me, it often reduces complexity and makes things feel flat and lifeless.

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To very briefly summarise, the varieties of love recognised in Ancient Greek philosophy are:

• Agape – love and charity to all
• Eros – sexual, intimate love
• Philia – affection friendship between equals
• Storge – familial love, particularly between parents and children
• Philautia – self-love and acceptance
• Xenia – Hospitality and generosity.

Yes, these are brief summaries. Yes there's more nuance. No, don't @ me about it.

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@MariaHill A leader needs to communicate effectively. Of course, he doesn't want to lead. He wants to rule.

walking down the street covered in 'i voted' stickers head to toe

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