Nice to meet you.

I think your initial assumption, that "life for any average citizen didn't improve under Obama" would be generally disagreed with by many people. He was quite popular with people in and out of his party.

I think Trump is far too destructive to leave in office. Our common enemy should be real enemies, not ourselves.

I doubt you will enjoy an account here if this is your stance.


@TonyStark @Leggo_ur_ego

Average working class citizen here. 12yrs ago when Obama was elected, I was struggling to raise 2kids on half of what could be considered a living wage. No health care. Having to choose rent, food or kid's meds each week.

4 years after Obama took office, wages were working their way up to livable, I could pay my rent on time, put food on the table, &ACA meant a 0$ co-pay for meds.

Life improved with Obama.
Trump's taking us backward.
I believe in Joe to move forward

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