BYE-BYE! Glenn Greenwald Throws A Tantrum, Quits The Intercept

@YinzPittsburghers Thank you, Governor Wolf. Quote from my father, product of Philadelphia public schools and our superb local institutions of higher education: “You think wearing a mask is uncomfortable? Losing your family is uncomfortable.” Though a Philadelphian, he managed to not swear.

@MariaHill @TonyStark UPS is horrendous as well. It’s who Target always seems to use, and both boxes I’ve gotten this year were mangled on one corner. Luckily, the items inside were somehow intact.

@TonyStark Once the evangelicals got involved with the GOP, it was only a matter of time. They showed up already primed for the cult mentality and with a loose grip on reality. The moderate Republicans drifted away and let the worst members of the party take over, and those who were left recruited more like themselves.

I know I'm not telling you anything you didn't already know, but . :voteblue2: :bh2020:

flag of the confederate states of america (may 9, 1865 -- today)


> trump makes a vaguely progressive promise with no legal way to enforce it that goes against his party's policy
"outflanking from the left!!1!1"

>biden's campaign website features solid policy ideas that would do a lot of good
"useless corporate centrist!!!"

:blank: :balloonline_s: :blank: ALWAYS HAVE BEEN
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:beret_r: :balloonline_sw: :blank: :balloonline_se: :blackhat_l:
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Emerging infectious diseases are a far greater threat than all the military threats combined. No country could attack the whole US at the same time, and decimate our economy, in a few short months. We should redirect a significant portion of military spending to building a resilient pandemic response capability.

anyone with the capacity to just be outside and yell "I HAVE A LUNG PROBLEM I CAN'T WEAR A MASK" demonstrably has better lungs than me, and I still wear masks
now, they do fuck with me a bit because of how bad my shit is, but not enough that I don't function etc (unless it's a really bad day, but then it's not like I'm able to go outside either eh)


DO NOT compare the NRA to Planned Parenthood, who operates legally and follows the law. One organization tries to make the lives of women safer and healthier and the other is the NRA.



If I've muted you, it probably isn't personal. It's just that the fed is full of BRBRBRBRBR

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