South Dakota

These states have voter registration deadlines on Monday, 10/19/20. Register. Check your registration if you already have.
vote411.org/ ⬅️

Every American needs to make sure their vote is counted and fight back against voter suppression and intimidation in this vital year. Do your part.

Your vote counts. :voteblue:

Personal responsibility only works when persons are willing to take responsibility. These Republican governors won't. They get this straight from other Trumpublicans and Rand Paul Libertarians. It will never work. It never has.

As coronavirus cases rise, red-state governors resist measures to slow the spread, preach ‘personal responsibility’ -

Pennsylvania voters! Today, October 19th, is the LAST DAY you can register to vote in order to vote in the November elections!

Pennsylvania is a key swing state with important elections up and down the ballot. Register. Check your registration: votespa.com/Register-to-Vote/P

Pennsylvania is also voting NOW. You can request an absentee ballot and learn how to return it here: votespa.com/Voting-in-PA/Pages

:registertovote: :voteblue:


Michigan residents - Today, October 19th, is the last day to register to vote online or by mail. It is also the last day you can register in person by usual means unless you wait until Election Day.

Don't wait. Register now.

You can also vote now with absentee early voting.

All information is here: mvic.sos.state.mi.us/

You are a key state and have an important U.S Senate race.

Register and vote.

@TonyStark I sure don’t want future generations to live in a Mad Max world, no matter how badass Imperator Furiosa is. We have to choose leaders who will protect our environment and try to reverse the damage we’ve already caused. Leaders who choose science are the only way to go.


Alabama - Today, October 19th, is the LAST for you to register to vote in order to in the November elections.

Register now if you haven't. Make a plan to vote. You have an important U.S. Senate race and important races up and down the ballot.

sos.alabama.gov/alabama-votes/ ⬅️

Register. Double check your registration. Request an absentee ballot and vote early if you can. Every vote makes a difference!
:registertovote: :voteblue:

@NickFury This is a problem for all of us, and that includes the professional journalists whose jobs have been taken away. The article says that guy Timpone uses software to make the "content" (don't you just love how everything is "content" now?) and barely pays real reporters anything. Journalists have always taken a lot of shit from people who don't value or understand their hard work. Now even their work is going away.

I swear it seems like John Roberts was just waiting until the Supreme Court had an even bigger right-wing majority to review every decision that could help Trump. We need and a Democratically-controlled House and Senate to balance out the uneven power of SCOTUS. The ideal of co-equal branches has fallen by the wayside.


@QueenRamonda Republicans never take responsibility for how their actions hurt people. Democrats like Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton are willing to admit when the consequences of their votes had results that were ultimately harmful, or their positions changed in light of societal changes. I'd much rather have a leader who can own up to being imperfect and hurting people because they are.

@TonyStark Alabama Democrats need to turn out in droves to keep Sen. Doug Jones! :jones4al: :al:

Today, October 19th, is the final day to register to vote in the 2020 November Elections for South Dakota residents.

Register today or check your registration if you're already registered.

All information here: sdsos.gov/elections-voting/vot

:sd: :registertovote:

Wyoming residents - October 19th, today, is the last day you can register to vote in the November elections with regular deadlines. You can register on Election Day when voting, but today is the deadline for pre-registration.

Register now and make a plan to vote.

Register here: sos.wyo.gov/Elections/State/Re

:wy: :registertovote: :voteblue:

Residents of California: Today, October 19th, is the last day to register by mail or online to be able to vote in the November elections.

If you miss this deadline, you can use Same Day Voter Registration, known as Conditional Voter Registration. You can register while casting a ballot during Early Voting or on Election Day.

No need to delay! Your vote is important. Register and plan your vote now: sos.ca.gov/elections/voter-reg


Today, October 19th, is the last day for Maine residents to meet the regular voter registration deadlines.

Early voting is going on now.

You can also register and vote in person at early voting locations or at polls on Election Day.

Don't wait. Make a plan and vote NOW. Your state is important and your state has a key U.S Senate race. :registertovote: :voteblue:
All info: votemaine.com

Canada closed us off first.

Is this what "rounding the corner" on COVID19 is? Sure doesn't feel like it.

US extends Mexico, Canada border closures: thehill.com/policy/healthcare/

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