@YinzPittsburghers Not in Pittsburgh? Can you get to the Scranton area, the Poconos, or Philly from New York or New Jersey? Baltimore to Harrisburg is a quick trip. You only go to homes of registered Democrats, so people are friendly. Or make calls from anywhere.

@phillyaccent That's a great way to make your voice heard if you're in a state that's going to (or the other way) no matter what and candidates are not coming to seek your vote. (Definitely vote anyway! The longest line of my life was for Obama in 2008 in one of the bluest states in the country back when early voting wasn't a thing yet. I was proud to wait with my entire neighborhood.) @YinzPittsburghers

Wow! Look at this!

Is this a beautiful thing or what?

It's funny that I was just watching an interview with Kyle MacLachlan because ... THE SLEEPER HAS AWAKENED!

And thank goodness for that.

Biden lays out exactly how his administration would stop the spread of the virus:
- Universal masking
- Available testing
- Enough PPE
- Scientific guidelines for opening
- Safe and effective treatments and vaccine

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‘We saw the president lie to the American people and repeatedly lie about the state of this pandemic’ — Biden slams Trump’s COVID-19 lies at the debate

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2020 needs to be over with.

This election needs to be over with.

Mercury retrograde needs to be over with.

This is the slowest-burn apocalypse ever.

I will drink and smoke some weed. This is me now. Acquire rare specimens. Hustle sales. Kayaking, hiking, camping. Play D&D. Could be worse I guess, despite the health issues and borderline poverty. LOL.

If you are still reading this, you must drink.


Pittsburgh area friends: volunteer this weekend to

We know that PA is a key state in 2020.

Work on the ground is key to flipping PA back to blue and electing Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Democrats up and down the ballot!

Join a socially distanced canvass shift to have safe conversations with voters outside their homes or a contactless literature drop to leave information at voters’ doors.

Mt. Lebanon Get Out The Vote Canvass/Lit Drop · Back To Blue PA

walking down the street covered in 'i voted' stickers head to toe


There hasn't been a federal minimum wage increase since 2009.
State minimums are all over the place, though it's still rare to find a true amongst them.
Some states are even LOWER than the federal minimum.


@TonyStark Republicans hate working people. That's really the only message they have on it.

No civilized country should tolerate the income disparity or worker poverty that we have. Raise the damn wage and do it federally. The plan is even a series of steps, not overnight.

A person working full-time should be able to afford to buy a house or apartment. $15 is the floor. States can add on as they see fit. People up at the top can make less and pay their taxes.

Biden wants to raise federal minimum wage. Trump doesn’t:

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