@AgentCarter_SSR They are hearing your 🎶song ma’am. I understand the lines in Brooklyn are three city blocks long!
(Warning some 🐥content ☕️😏)


@TonyStark I voted already but I'm volunteering today and tons of people are voting. :vote:

I chose to but two of my friends decided to today. They said that despite the magat parade downtown, most of the cars in the lot had stickers! Very encouraging in our redneck of the woods.

Today, October 24th, is the first ever :vote:

Vote Early Day is a movement aimed at ensuring all Americans know their options to vote early.

When Americans vote early, they ensure that last minute problems will not prevent them from casting their ballots -- and help shorten voting lines on for everyone. Check your state and today if you can. Make this year's voter turnout truly historic!

:voteblue: :ivoted: :voteblue:


Start spreading the news!
Voting's starting today!
Mask up and be a part of it, 
New York, New York!

Get to your voting place,
give others
6 feet of space!
It's time to
New York, New York!

Early voting starts today :ny: get out there and make your voice heard!

Find your polling place& times at:


You are the most valuable investment you’ll ever make

@Vision I know at least two of those under-29 early voters in NC, and one of them is someone I helped to register in 2016! :bongocat:

Do you want to help flip North Carolina blue? We've got crucial US Senate, gubernatorial, and US House races, and of course the presidential race. This swing state needs all the help we can get to turn out Democrats and the unaffiliated voters who are most likely to ! Here are a lot of ways to volunteer in various locations across the state or from anywhere you live, including a voter hotline, phone banking, and socially-distant canvassing. :nc: :voteblue2:

What the Hell Happened This Week? - Week Of 10/19/2020 | The Daily Social Distancing Show youtube.com/watch?v=YIr6DH7s_d #TheDailyShow

A spaceship landed in the park. An alien emerged, carrying a foldable chair. They set the chair up on the grass, and settled down.
"Ah, hello," a dog-walker said. "Shall I take you to our leader?"
"Why would I want that?" the alien said. "I came here to get away from mine.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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