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Pinned toot - here's another good resource. Easily look up your state or local election office website. It also has guidelines for registration, sample ballots, and confirmation for registration.

By the way guys, I wanted to tell you I got confirmation my vote was counted!! Doesn't that feel good?!

I told my coworker how I decontaminate every time I come home, and she said (in Southern accent), "Honey, I'm too tired to do all that when I get home." 😆

Never thought my state would be a swing state, but it is!

Now let's hope my ballot goes through without any complications. *knocks on wood*

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On a non-political note, we just got a movie projector, so we can watch the MCU movies (and others) the way they were meant to be!

Turning in my absentee ballot today!! Let's do it, Resistors!!

I'll be voting tomorrow, by the way!! (absentee ballot, that is). Happy to join y'all.

I realized something interesting not too long ago. One of my high school social studies teachers had eluded to the events in BlacKkKlansman during class once, and everyone in the class looked at him like he was crazy. When the movie came out, I said, "Is that what my social studies teacher was talking about?!" Truth is stranger than fiction, isn't it?

I finally got my absentee ballot! I'll be turning it in ASAP! Exciting, right?

"In the middle of the pandemic, while many of us were out of work- we decided that we wanted to help influence the election! Angela, our fearless director, thought it would be a great idea to have exotic dancers from some of Atlanta’s finest gentlemen’s clubs to tell their patrons and fans to ‘Get their booties to the poll!’"

I'm still waiting on my absentee ballot, but hopefully it gets here soon! Very exciting!!


Good morning resistors! I've been dealing with some depression/mental health stuff this morning. I appreciate all your support and awesomeness!

I never thought we'd be a swing state (I live in the South), but it's definitely looking that way!!

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