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I'm old enough to remember when not every blessed thing in the world had an ideological component.

I miss those days.

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Small but important point: I don't feel the need to be in ideological and philosophical lockstep with someone in order to share their toots or listen to their tunes.

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I love Tracey Thorn's voice.

Love Is Here Where I Live - Everything But The Girl

White House speechwriters are working around the clock to craft a speech for Timmy Teleprompter to ignore.

It's not even noon here, and it's already been a long day.

At least it's Friday, so there's that. 😎

Does your app properly display gifs sent from other accounts?

I see that President 401(K) is at it again.

Strange. When he was presiding over those 1,000+ point drops, that phrase never escaped his spittle-covered, fishy lips.

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Paul Weller, ladies and gentlemen.

The Jam - Town Called Malice (Official Video)

Facts are stubborn things.
--John Adams, 2nd President of the United States

So, inanimate objects are better at leadership than the "president."

RT @CNN - The iconic lion statues outside the New York Public Library are wearing face masks to encourage humans to do the same

Good morning, all! Think I'll get my early voting done today.

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