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All we need is most people participating and I urge people to think outside themselves. This election will mean life or death to many.

Trump will grab at any tiny straw that proves what he is saying so that he can win by cheating. IF trump tries to cheat to win there will be massive protests over it. -"Barr said to have told Trump about investigation into discarded Pennsylvania ballots that president seized on as evidence of widespread fraud" washingtonpost.com/politics/ba


The problem was caused by a “contractor."
Republicans love to privatize everything so they can make more money off of it. They also like contractors because you can cheat them out of decent employee compensation. Democrats would rather use public employees for this stuff.

This locality is run by Republicans, doing things the Republican way. But, somehow it’s the Democrats’ fault.  

Trump wants any mail-in ballots with any sort of irregularities tossed except Trump votes.

A resistance.social that has several layers of meaning. Enjoy some Kurt Vile, which is enjoyable always, anyway.

Kurt Vile - "Pretty Pimpin" Official Video

Directed by Daniel Henry

Hello @TonyStark, hello #resistance

US-American politics has a global impact. The help of non-American persons to make this policy better is very important and right.

My workplace is also directly and indirectly influenced by american politics. I very much hope that your efforts are effective. 💪✌️

I help by sharing, asking and like to bring different people together. 😀

Many greetings to you in America!

Hello @kranfahrer

We all appreciate you! You and the friends I've made from Germany help inspire us to keep going.

I thank you for your help so much.
I value getting to know you and your support so very much! 😀👍✌


Good neighbors wear masks, as seen near St. Joe's today. I thought my Pittsburgh :pittsbgh: friends would appreciate it. They too! 67 counties' voting options are a lot to look up. Everyone can check out votespa.com/Pages/default.aspx. Here’s info for Philadelphia :philly: , Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery. If you live in another PA county, please add yours!

Remember, no naked ballots! Use & sign the secrecy envelope inside the mailing envelope!


Statewide deadlines for all of us:

Registration deadline 10/19
Absentee/mail-in deadline 10/27

State law is that you can only drop off your own ballot at the drop box. You can also mail it or take it to your county election office. If it’s blank you can take it to your polling place on 11/3. If it’s filled in, use a drop box or election office.

Use that inner envelope! Dress that ballot!


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Philadelphia :philly:

Starting Tuesday, 9/29, visit any of seven satellite election offices. Find one near your home or work here:


You can fill out your ballot application, vote, and turn it back in all at once. If your ballot hasn't arrived by 10/6 you can visit to request another. Allow time for it to arrive!

There will be drop-boxes. I'll update when they say where.


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Philadelphia :philly:

Hours for the satellite election offices:
Monday-Thursday: 11:30am to 6:30pm
Friday-Sunday: 9:30am to 4:30pm

The offices are located in Center City (City Hall)
North Philly (one at Temple, one at 4th and Lehigh)
Far Northeast
Southwest (near Bartram’s Garden)
West (Overbrook)
Northwest (Roxborough)


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Bucks County

2 satellite voting offices which include drop boxes in Quakertown and Levittown beginning 10/5, plus the regular location in Doylestown. Hours are 8 am-4:30 pm M-F, but starting October 27th, there will be evening and weekend hours as well. This article and the county government website have slightly different info; if you are in Bucks, you may want to call Monday to verify.




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