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Just when you think the levels of incompetence, greed and corruption in America couldn't get any worse...BAM, the world of Trumpistan finds another way to shock and lower this country further into his personal cesspool. 

:vote: :voteblue2:

In secret tapes, mine executives detail their sway over leaders from Juneau to the White House:

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“Illegally appointed Acting Secretary Wolf who has now been nominated for the position.”

He is not Senate confirmed and beyond the appointment grace period as well as an moral and ethical ghoul, in addition to the rest of it.

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This is what governing looks like. Republicans should try it sometime.

An extraordinarily compelling reason to vote for Democrats in November. Of course it won't reach the Senate floor until Moscow Mitch isn't Majority Leader anymore. :registertovote: :voteblue2:

House Democrats unveil reforms to prevent future presidential abuses -

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What's striking about the modern GOP is exactly their absolute inability to govern in a positive manner.

What was the last proactive measure passed by the GOP? Medicare Part D?

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@TonyStark I’d love to say there’s nothing left for them to ruin but we all know that’s not true.

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Thank you once again, Governor Wolf, for keeping Pennsylvanians safe.

Unfortunately, we've learned very decidedly that people left to their own devices in a serious crisis won't act properly by at least a third, maybe more. :pa:

Gov. Wolf Responds After House Bill 2787 Veto | Newsradio 1020 KDKA

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Dear Pennsylvania,

1. Vote Biden / Harris
2. If you vote by mail, please follow the easy instructions and use both friggen' envelopes

Thank you

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@YinzPittsburghers There are enough votes to override Wolf's veto, which means that a lot of Democrats need phone calls right now.

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Keeping Trump in office isn't on the list of moves for a non-difficult future.

Climate Disruption Is Now Locked In. The Next Moves Will Be Crucial.

The Times spoke to two dozen experts who said decisions made now would spell the difference between a difficult future and something far worse.

Climate Disruption Is Now Locked In. The Next Moves Will Be Crucial. nyti.ms/2ROF3th

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US citizens overseas& service members, even far from home, you can still make your voice heard, but don't delay!
Register& request your absentee ballot at:

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I'm so tired of the grifting and cronyism of this administration. They're put themselves in an elite group accountable to nobody. We need to hold them to account. :voteblue2:

DHS gave millions in contracts to firm where acting chief's wife works

A Homeland Security spokesperson said Wolf was unaware of the contracts until contacted by the media. Wolf's Senate confirmation hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.


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It is sad that they resort to attacking Joe Biden's son because they can't find anything to use against Joe. - "GOP senators’ report calls Hunter Biden’s board position with Ukraine firm ‘problematic,’ but fails to show how it changed U.S. policy" washingtonpost.com/national-se

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Just fucking vote. Vote for Joe Biden. We won't get another chance.

The Hill's Campaign Report: GOP set to ask SCOTUS to limit mail-in voting: thehill.com/homenews/campaign/

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@TonyStark While you're celebrating the first day of autumn with the beverage of your choice (hopefully in a reusable cup), please observe by getting registered to vote or checking that your registration is up to date. You should check it frequently. It's easy to register or check your registration at vote.org.

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Why scientists are so worried about this glacier

Man-made climate change is warming the planet's atmosphere and oceans, and the effects are being felt the most at the poles. In Antarctica, home to the largest chunk of ice on earth, ice shelves and glaciers are beginning to collapse, and one in particular could spell disaster.

The Thwaites Glacier, in West Antarctica, has retreated more than 14 kilometers in the last two decades as warm ocean water undermines it.


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@TonyStark @artilectzed I quit thanking them for doing the bare minimum of decency a long time ago, even though some people want is to pile praise all over them for it.

They are wholly undeserving of any, ever.

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Meanwhile small businesses die on a daily basis because they were given an 8 week program to get through what has now been 6+ months of a pandemic.

200,000 people and counting are dead from Trump's mismanagement of the entire government.

Pentagon used taxpayer money meant for masks and swabs to make jet engine parts and body armor.
Shortly after Congress passed the Cares Act, the Pentagon began directing pandemic-related money to defense contractors.

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