and Allegheny County friends:

Its time to make our voices heard and Take Back the White House! We are calling Democrats in Allegheny County to make sure they vote BLUE in 2020 this week and next. This is how you can get involved from home. :biden2020:

Sign Up so we can Flip PA Back PA to Blue!

South Hill Dems Phone Bank · The Back To Blue Campaign

In our mission to flip the Senate, one of our best opportunities lies in Colorado. Cory Gardner is a first-term Trump supporter in a state that's turning increasingly blue.

Republicans will be desperate to keep this seat. Help former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper take it for Democrats in November:

Colorado votes for John Hickenlooper to take on GOP Sen. Cory Gardner, CNN projects -

Help Amy McGrath ditch Mitch McConnell in November.

McGrath wins Kentucky Senate primary

The former Marine fighter pilot dispatched Democratic opponent Charles Booker and will face Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in November.

Your states have primary elections taking place today, Tuesday, June 30th. If you haven't already voted early or by mail, drop off your ballot or vote today. All elections matter. Every vote counts.

In Colorado, you can still register and vote today. See @HeroesResist for information on all 3 states. If you go out, wear a mask and keep a safe social distance.

Check with people you know and remind them to vote.


Your election is primarily a mail-in election. Every election matters, so enter your address and check to see what races you are eligible to vote in plus where to drop off your ballot. Every election matters! There are non-partisan races such as school board plus some local Democratic races. (Most races are Republican primaries.)

Drop off or postmark your ballot by tomorrow, June 30th.

Find drop boxes plus options such as drive through voting here:

Colorado, your state and local primary elections are taking place Tuesday, June 30.

All registered voters received a mail ballot. If you haven't turned yours in, it must be dropped off by 7PM on Tuesday. Locations:

If you didn't register or need to vote in person, you still can at a vote center; visit to find one.

Wear your mask and follow social distancing. There are important races and a big U.S. Senate race.

Oklahoma, you have primaries and special elections on Tuesday, 6/30!

Polls are open 7am-7pm. Mask up, sanitize, and keep your distance!

Bring a photo ID or the voter ID card you got from the county election board when you registered to vote. If you have neither, an affidavit lets you cast a provisional ballot.

Find your sample ballot and list of races:

Democrats and unaffiliated can vote in D primary. See more at Ballotpedia:

Hello my fellow resisters.

Tonight is the next in a series of virtual events to raise money for the so we can .

Lots of cool appearances and performances planned. Click on the poster to see the list or go here:


@TonyStark @SteveRogers @NatashaRomanoff @AgentCarter_SSR @MariaHill

Totally flippable House seat for Democrats here in

A good person to add to your donation/volunteer list.
Democrat Cameron Webb wins Virginia House primary

It's not just that there's a vast difference between the parties. There also couldn't be two men who are more different than Joe Biden and Trump. Biden is willing to accept the Democratic nomination without the fanfare that Trump expects just for picking up his grubby phone and jabbing out another moronic tweet.


Your states have important primary and special elections today.

If you haven't voted by mail or early yet, make sure you drop off your ballot, mail your ballot, or vote in person today. 📬🗳

Wear a mask when out and maintain safe social distancing.

Your vote is important. Every vote counts. Go vote and check with friends and neighbors and ask them to vote.

See @HeroesResist for information on all 3 states.

Several districts in have primaries for US House races tomorrow, June 23rd! Here are some things you need to know.

Districts with primaries on 6/23 are 1, 4, 5, and 11.

Early voting has ended, but if you have an absentee ballot, return it to the local registrar by 7pm on 6/23.

In-person voting at your precinct happens from 6am to 7pm on 6/23. Wear a mask, bring photo ID, expect new safety precautions, and .

See more details here. 1/5

The 5th district congressional race is especially noteworthy. Voters there picked a theocratic ultra-right winger over their freshman GOP incumbent. The district moved from Likely Republican to Leans Republican as a result, and Democrats have a chance at winning. There are 4 Democrats running. 3/5

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Beach residents, your polling location may have moved! You were sent a notice to let you know where to go, but for those who didn’t get it, this article lists the changes. 4/5

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If you’re in a district with a primary on Tuesday, June 23rd, check this information about casting a ballot. Don’t forget to , bring your photo ID, and ! 5/5

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Your are on Tuesday, June 23!🗳️

💥All MUST be postmarked by June 23! 💥

Some polling locations may have changed. You can check your poll site here:

If you vote in person, 😷

These are State,& Federal primaries, as well as a to fill the House of Representatives seat in

For more information check with NYS Board of Elections:

or text VOTENY to 474747

Your primary elections are taking place on Tuesday, June 23rd.

If you haven't voted yet, you can still drop off your mail-in ballot at your nearest polling location or mail it, postmarked by 6/23.

If you need to vote in person, note that there will only be 1 polling place per county on Election Day. ID is required.

All polls are open from 6AM to 6PM.

You have one of the most-watched U.S. Senate races in the country.
Information here:

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