If arrogance, stupidity or hypocrisy were co-morbidities, there wouldn't be one Republican left standing. 

Pompeo invites hundreds to indoor holiday parties after subordinates are warned against hosting ‘non-mission critical events’ -

This is a great picture of newly-elected Arizona U.S. Senator Mark Kelly being sworn in today, next to fellow Arizona Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema.

Good for AZ.

📷: New York Daily News


This is Pompeo's "parting gift" to the families of foreign diplomats; a COVID superspreader event.

This perfectly encapsulates Republican strategy--when accused of murdering guests at a dinner party, they will scream that the host provided the wrong salad fork.

And the sad part---the depressing part--is that the media, with the attention span of a hummingbird on crack, will start to interview the host. 

Even with the adjustments, the chart in the report shows that in 3 MONTHS the cumulative job loss was 4 MILLION.

In comparison, back during the Great Recession, a total of 8 million people lost their jobs. So basically HALF as many jobs were lost in 3 MONTHS as had happened over almost 2 YEARS in the last recession (the worst one except the Great Depression). It's record bad.

GAO report says unemployment numbers have been inflated by backlogs during pandemic -

Do some phone banking with Team Ossoff on Thursday to help get Georgians the best representation and flip the Senate blue!

There are separate events for in Georgia and different areas outside Georgia to keep it organized and keep lists up to date.

Make calls to inform people about the election and help them make a plan to vote! :voteblue: :GOTV: :ga: :ossoff4ga:

In GA: mobilize.us/electjon/event/363
West: mobilize.us/crooked/event/3635
East: mobilize.us/crooked/event/3636
Midwest: mobilize.us/crooked/event/3635

@TonyStark It's not getting talked about as much but Republicans still have no replacement for Obamacare and would have taken away pre-existing conditions coverage if they could have already.

Jon Ossoff wants to protect what we have and make it better.

Efforts have not stalled; Mitch McConnell has stalled efforts.

The first thing cut from the bill was the much needed $1200.00 stimulus checks. Once again the people who need money the most are pushed aside. People are sicker, hungrier, and homeless, yet big business' liability protection has been pushed to the front of the line?

Help flip the 2 Senate seats.

Pelosi, Schumer say $908 billion economic relief package should be starting point for talks:

This election process revealed America's heroes and villains. Mr. Krebs is a hero. Every election worker, all people who worked tirelessly for weeks to ensure our democracy is safe, are heroes.

The villain list is long and starts with Trump, Pence, Barr, Rudy, Pompeo, all the GOP Senators (and I count Romney in that), Trump's legal team, and everyone else who tried to create sedition, treason, attempt a coup, or undermine American democracy, or did nothing to stop it.


Like it or not, he's right.

"'Defund The Police,' but, you know, you lost a big audience the minute you say it, which makes it a lot less likely that you're actually going to get the changes you want done."

I care about creating the change, not so much about scoring social media points with people who already agree with me that their must be police accountability.

Former President Barack Obama cautions activists against using 'defund the police' slogan -


If your slogan requires constant definition and defense, it's unlikely to bring new people aboard. Democrats for some reason can be very poor with this aspect of political movement.

No one fights to define "Green New Deal" because whoever thought it up put the goal right out there. People may not like the idea, but at least they know what it means.

At any rate, police reform is vital. So is being able to admit you're wrong. Republicans do that. I hate seeing Democrats do it.

BLM, same deal, for that matter.

The goal is plainly stated and although it did have to be explained, it has brought many, many people aboard.

@TonyStark I've been an activist and a very successful one at that, in some cases longer than some people who think they know better have been alive.

I do not really understand this left/not left enough (?) divisiveness.

We all want the same thing. President Obama knows a thing or two about organizing and accomplishment. We should listen.

@QueenRamonda @TonyStark It's frustrating to see people say one is a moderate for thinking the way Obama and Biden do on this subject. It's called being pragmatic and working with others. I feel like the ability to cooperate and compromise is becoming rarer these days.

@NatashaRomanoff Activists who don't care about who's in office sound like anything but activists.

Republicans want to defund our government. Predictable for them to fake deficit concerns and try to sink a Democratic administration no matter who they hurt.

COVID relief.
A living wage.
Healthcare that covers eveyone.
Education for everyone.

Start with that. Going to austerity right now is a sure fire way to create a depression given that we're already in a recession.

Democratic economists call for big spending, total rethink of deficits as GOP seeks austerity:

Here's the rub: the #GOP is going to suddenly get very concerned over the national debt now that they lost the White House. Sure, they helped #trump increase the debt by $7 TRILLION, but they'll only let Republicans do that bc it was politically convenient at the time. Don't buy the BS: NOW is the time for robust #stimulus

Many of us have nearly exhausted the store of disgust we could feel for Trump.

Would Trump take bribes for pardons? Of course he would. It would be more surprising and out of character if he didn't.

Justice Dept. investigated potential ‘bribery-for-pardon’ scheme involving Trump White House in August-

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