Barrett recused but I'm sure she will start paying dividends after November 3rd.

The bottom line is that the Republicans are using any and every excuse to disenfranchise the votes of the citizens of the United States. But in a battleground state, I'll take the wins we get.聽

America: Just drop off your ballots at an office or vote on Election Day. This is a win but they won't stop.

Supreme Court Won鈥檛 Speed a Do-Over on Pennsylvania鈥檚 Ballot Deadlines


@TonyStark 馃憦 Nobody 馃憦mail 馃憦ballots

Drop them off!

@Jen @TonyStark I'm watching Maddow right now. She said 42% of Philadelphia mail is being delivered on time! It was 50-something percent for Detroit. Do not mail your ballot! In PA or anywhere else! :pa: Use the drop box or take it to the election office!

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