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Covid progression in an ideal world. Good to know. Should I have hid this?

Desperate Americans Beg For Handouts On Venmo And Cash App


Big oil is transitioning away from the oil industry. Any oil executive who is worth his or her salt can see the writing on the wall and knows that oil consumption is in decline and will continue to. The shift away from oil is inevitable. The future is in perfecting renewable tech.

@MariaHill A leader needs to communicate effectively. Of course, he doesn't want to lead. He wants to rule.

Trump says 'We're turning the corner on COVID-19." When he's really just running in circles.

Know what's waiting around that corner? Another spike. More sickness& death for Americans.

U.S. Tops 70,000 Coronavirus Cases In 1 Day — Heights Not Seen Since July

I want to be a character. How hard is it to change your handle? @TonyStark

We finally ordered our stamp. This is yet another instance of creative resistance on the part of the artist. I’ve wanted to do this but you have to have twenties. Therefore, grateful to share creative resistance, as well.

America, 28 days to election:

It is recommended NOT to photograph and post online a picture of your ballot.

Although some states permit it on First Amendment (free speech) grounds, it's a relatively untested… More legal question.

Best not to encourage voters to do it in case their state bans the practice. For instance, "ballot selfies" are prohibited in:

– Alabama
– Arizona – Indiana – Pennsylvania – Texas

Also, 44 state constitutional provisions that guarantee a secret-ballot process.

The last thing we want is for your ballot to be discarded because of a security argument, saying that digital images could give malicious actors the chance to reprint new ballots and commit voter fraud.

There's no need to risk your vote not being counted by posting it online.

Instead, consider posting an "I voted" sticker or photo.

Further reading:

What is the Doctrine of Discovery? Read about the document undergirding Colonialization and continued trampling of treaties and purported autonomous tribal law in the US and Canada.
Doctrine of Discovery and Rights of Indigenous Peoples

“The point is simple: as every honest person has been saying for at least months ... Trump has been laying waste to our Constitution, our democracy, and our very society. He has promoted the most cruel and vicious tendencies among us... lied about the pandemic and has defiantly held huge public rallies, both indoors and out, in which many thousands of people have been crammed together without masks...deliberately conducted business in ... defiance of all social distancing and mask guidelines.”

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