No civilized country should tolerate the income disparity or worker poverty that we have. Raise the damn wage and do it federally. The plan is even a series of steps, not overnight.

A person working full-time should be able to afford to buy a house or apartment. $15 is the floor. States can add on as they see fit. People up at the top can make less and pay their taxes.

Biden wants to raise federal minimum wage. Trump doesn’t:

ACLU: Attacks on Trans Athletes are Also an Attack on Intersex People

Great video in the article! I'd love to see them in concert once it's safe to do so!

"Autism can't define me. I define Autism." -Kerry Magro

Toronto's ASD Band Looks To Raise Autism Awareness By Example

Trump:" I'm the least racist person in the room"

Me:"I'm anti racist 🖕

Biden's gonna give you the D......ignity you haven't been getting the past four years.

5. Trump encouraged attacks on Governor Gretchen Whitmer who was the subject of kidnapping plot.
6. Trump lost in court trying to deny food stamps to 700K unemployed.
8. Permitted one drop off ballot box for early voting in a city of 4.3 million people.
9. Driven the rise of COVID-19 cases up, again, by not wearing masks.

It's no surprise that Joe Biden is gaining in states like North Carolina. We have to keep getting to voters and getting out the vote.

Donate, volunteer, make plans, vote. 2/2

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The Republican Party in just the last 4 days:

1. Had their leader call the nation's leading infectious disease experts "idiots."
2. Lost in the Supreme Court in their bid to suppress the vote in Pennsylvania.
3. Continued to embrace QAnon who believe in a satanic criminal conspiracy of “deep state” child molesters seeking to take down the president. Really. 1/2 :voteblue2: :voteblue:

In North Carolina, Joe Biden and Trump are essentially tied, new Post-ABC poll finds:


Michigan residents - Today, October 19th, is the last day to register to vote online or by mail. It is also the last day you can register in person by usual means unless you wait until Election Day.

Don't wait. Register now.

You can also vote now with absentee early voting.

All information is here:

You are a key state and have an important U.S Senate race.

Register and vote.

☎️ Saturday GOTV phonebank in Michigan! All day shifts!  SIGN UP.

Michigan went for Trump in 2016 by 10,704 votes –– that's just two votes per precinct. We can make up the difference with your help! Sign-up now and invite a friend to do the same!

OUT OF STATE: Get Out the Vote Phone Bank! · Swing Left 3/10

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Contact your representatives TODAY!!
This is a death sentence.

Cameroonian asylum seekers fear looming deportation flight means certain death - The San Diego Union-Tribune

📚 Recommended Reading📚

How to Be Less Stupid About Race, Dr Crystal M Fleming

Pick it up at a Local Black Owned bookstore or check it out at your library!


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