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@AgentCarter_SSR Oh, the two of them will vote to oppose, so long as it leaves them a 51-49 majority. Romney is pretty independent though and may not feel inclined to shove through a Trump nominee even though his office hasn't said what he's doing. Unfortunately since he wasn't in the Senate in 2016, we don't have him on record. That's 50-50 and leaves Pence having to break the tie and still leaves us down a vote though, and still leaves them off the hook to play that game. @SteveRogers

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I have now sent 5400 text messages.

We keep running out. It's amazing.

We were informed the other day that there are 200,000 volunteers currently on the texting team.

If anyone is interested in volunteering, you can find events here: mobilize.us/2020victory/

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You can copy and paste that link into your browser and see events you can join.

I highly recommend it.

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@TonyStark I mean Trump has killed 200,000 Americans with sheer maladministration; so this is a textbook case for impeachment and removal. What's not textbook is the sheer amount of corruption in the Senate, but times are hardly easy.

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I love this idea so very much. We need to find a way to reinstitute voting rights in neo-Confederate states, too.

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@QueenRamonda @TonyStark They appeal to a wide range of Democratic voters. My straight, white, 70+ dad and I talk politics together all the time and he was for a year ago when I was hoping for Warren-Castro or Warren-Booker. I don't mind him getting his ticket preference. They are great! He'd have voted for my choice too.

If you're in PA, check your ballot status here. They should go out soon now that the state supreme court cleared the way. :pa:


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@MariaHill @QueenRamonda @TonyStark The mere suggestion that they don’t care about people, thus implying that Trump/Pence DO care, is insulting to everyone’s intelligence. :bh2020:

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Early voting began in more states this weekend.

Alabama, Delaware, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania: no-excuse absentee by drop-off or mail

Louisiana, Tennessee, Texas: absentee with excuse

New Jersey: in person.

Check your state. Don't wait. Vote early, make sure you are counted, and help others. :voteblue:

Election 2020: When early voting and mail-voting begins in every state:

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It's correction of cheating that Republicans perpetrated. They'll live.

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If Justice Kennedy would have decided to retire as he did (Kavanagh's seat), there's another liberal judge.

As it is now, we're staring at a 6-3
conservative slant and everything we care about is seriously in peril.

Stop allowing what is decent and necessary for the world to be the enemy of a perfect ideal. Think deeper than your own perfect ideology because the consequences can be the opposite of your intentions.

Get off your butt and vote Joe Biden and every Democratic Senator running. 2/2

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When you vote for President, your vote goes so much deeper than the person in the White House.

Look at the mess we face in our Supreme Court. This didn't have to happen like so many other things as a result of Trump and this Administration. Follow me here.

When we left off in 2016, the court was a 4-4 split. Had Clinton been elected, Scalia's seat would be filled by a liberal judge, 5-4 liberal majority. Justice Ginsburg would have retired and replaced by a liberal judge, still 5-4. 1/2

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We still need two more so this could even be posturing but her constituents in Alaska need to hold her to it and ask her to talk to her Republican colleagues.

Key GOP senator says she opposes taking up a Supreme Court nomination before Election Day - CNNPolitics


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@MariaHill @QueenRamonda @TonyStark
I can't wait for my ballot to arrive either. Three in our home voting for #BidenHarris2020

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I hope she truly feels this way, but I have my doubts. Lisa& Susan have a very Lucy VanPelt voting record.

Call it expanding the court to better reflect what this could do to correct the court the GOP stole.

The court is currently made up mostly of men who are opposed to women's reproductive rights and other rights. Not just abortion, but also birth control and equal pay. Whether or not they overturn Roe v Wade, they will chip away at these rights until nothing is left.


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