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Welcome to! I’m Maria, one of the moderators here. You may know me from other instances. Administrator @TonyStark, other moderators @NatashaRomanoff, @SteveRogers, and I have moved here to our new home along with our friends. Our primary purpose is political but we also like to enjoy ourselves. Please check out “about this server” in the lower left corner of this page to learn more.

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:ga: :registertovote:

Make sure you're registered to vote in the January 5 runoff elections! The deadline is Monday, December 7!

Both of your U.S. Senate seats are up for election. It will decide your full representation in the U.S. Senate and will decide whether or not Republicans maintain their Senate majority and continual obstruction.

Please register if you haven't, check your registration if you have, and ask 3 friends to do the same.

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Colorado has placed its first order for the Pfizer vaccine. :blobyay:

"CDPHE said Pfizer plans to ship the first vaccine allocations to states within 24 hours of the FDA issuing an EUA. Colorado will begin administering the vaccine shortly after the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) makes its recommendations for vaccine use."

Ali Velshi on the maxim that the USA only has one president at a time: "It's clear that we have one president. It's just not the man in the White House." There is a reason I watch MSNBC all the time.

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Congress needs to issue a permanent solution for DACA kids. They have lived here their whole lives and know no other home.

I hope this judge has set the gold standard for the other state lawsuits trying to end DACA. Go take an irrelevant seat, Donny.

Your days and attempts to end our democracy are getting fewer as you continue to be a loser in more ways than one.

Federal judge restores DACA, orders DHS to accept first-time applications from immigrants:

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Honestly, if it was only his supporters he was grifting, I wouldn't care.

Yeah, they could probably use the money more than he can, but if they're not smart enough to accept they're being conned, they probably shouldn't have it in the first place.

But it's not just them. It's every taxpayer, our money. And that's the part that requires a reckoning.

Trump campaign committees spent $1.1 million at Trump properties in the last days of his losing campaign:

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As usual, Democrats want to help everyone and Republicans just want to help themselves.

McConnell needs to preserve his Senate majority and will approve a package, if only to take the wind out of the Democrats' sails in the Georgia Senate run-off. If he saves his majority, he will revert to form and block any new spending.

Opinion | Why are Republicans moving toward a stimulus compromise? Here’s a clue.

Red states are facing some of the worst fiscal crunches.

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@TonyStark The incompetence of republicans running the government is to blame. When Joe and Kamala are in office, it will take 2-3 years to get the country back to normalcy after the disaster of the last 4 years.

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@TonyStark It's really important to stand up for the first responders who are getting left out of the next relief bill. No money is going to states or local governments.

Please make a call.

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The vast majority of EMT and first responders come from local governments.

They are unsung heroes of this pandemic battle. They are the front line and they risk themselves and their families to serve all of us. These are workers that Mitch McConnell and other Republicans don't want to include in the next relief bill.

Call your Senators and tell them to include state and local governments in the next plan.

Pandemic is pushing America’s 911 system to ‘breaking point,’ -

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It's been said before but I'm going to say it again.

Jobs like the one the man on this article lost would be much more available and his industry futher along in the state of recovery if-

1. We'd have had a President who cared about addressing a pandemic.

2. Republicans wouldn't have sat on a 2nd relief package for so long.

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It's bad enough that this was announced and 900 people are invited. If you take the risk, you deserve what you get. But what about everyone who has to cook, clean, serve, drive, room them, etc...and health care workers?

Republicans don't care about workers. 

Senior Democrat calls on Pompeo to cancel holiday parties, citing ‘significant health risk’:

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@MariaHill I saw Darryl Hall say in one interview that originally it was about a guy they knew and would've been called "Rich Boy," so it works even better than you think!

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Not surprising.  If trump would concentrate on the virus, things might have been different. Instead trump whines and complains about his defeat all day. Never mind an American dying every minute or less. 

If this is winning, I'd hate to see what losing looks like. 

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Republicans failed to financially incentivize people to stay home and businesses to stay closed. Too many Republicans eschewed medical scientific evidence but showed up with masks later, after COVID caught up with them.

We will never beat this until we collectively rise to the occasion. Everyone knows what that means by now, hashtag or not.

Obituary for Kansas covid-19 victim slams anti-maskers who ‘refuse to wear a piece of cloth on their face to protect one another'-

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@TonyStark It’s so sad to keep seeing these and then see people have disregard for human life like this.

It’s not for forever but it’s important right now.

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