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The USA has a two-party political system.

One party is imperfect.
The other party is horrific.

:voteblue2: :biden4president:

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Welcome to! I’m Maria, one of the moderators here. You may know me from other instances. Administrator @TonyStark, other moderators @NatashaRomanoff, @SteveRogers, and I have moved here to our new home along with our friends. Our primary purpose is political but we also like to enjoy ourselves. Please check out “about this server” in the lower left corner of this page to learn more.

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Fascist in the White House.

Let's get rid of him.

Let's elect some Democrats to the Senate.

That's it. Thanks.


Election information you need. Brought to you by The League of Women Voters Education Fund.

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If you are feeling hopeful after seeing a slide in The Orange Toddler's ratings, dont get too comfortable.

Resist as if he is 10 points ahead and our Democracy will flounder. Because America is in trouble Lads.
@TonyStark @Pepper @Spiderman @GlennGriffin8 @AgentCarter_SSR

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you have state& local this Tues August 4th!

MUST BE RECEIVED by tomorrow(8/4) If you have not mailed yours, you can drop it off in person at your local clerk's office before 8pm Tues.
Registered voters without an absent-voter ballot may vote at their local polling place on Tues. Polls open at 7 a.m. &all voters who arrive by 8 p.m., even if there is a line, will be allowed to vote.

For more information, visit:,4670,7-127-

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Another Republican tested positive for stupidity.

Republican Michigan Senator critical of Gretchen Whitmer tests positive for COVID-19.

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Missouri :mo: , your statewide primary election is Tuesday, August 4th! Although the presidential primary has already happened, there are still important things to decide on Tuesday for Missourians.

If you have an absentee ballot, you can still return it on primary day. For those who are voting in person, polling locations will be open from 6am-7pm and you need an ID (as well as your mask!). Find out more about how to vote here:


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For Missouri, there are more than statewide races to be decided. Amendment 2 could expand Medicaid to roughly 250,000 people. Here's more about what's on the ballot August 4th. :voteblue2: :mo:

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@InternetKevin @TonyStark There are words that have to be agreed upon if reality is to have any meaning. The reality is that Republicans elected Trump and that makes him the head Republican right now.

This all reminds me of the common saying that you’re entitled to your own opinions, not your own facts.

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Trump appointed a megadonor with ZERO post office experience to sabotage the post office. Plainly, a traitorous, authoritarian move of a desperate despot!

Question to #heroesresist & friends:
Besides getting out to vote in droves;
What can we do about this?!
Suggestions please.

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@TonyStark @HeroesResist Make sure that you’ve voted in your if you have one!

It feels good to do your part.

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@TonyStark @HeroesResist Go today if you have an election and didn't yet vote early or vote by mail.

It's important!

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There are taking place in your states today. There are important races up and down the ballot.

It is important to vote in primary elections and participate in the process to get the best candidate for the general election. These elections affect you and those around you.

See @HeroesResist for details on each state and go :voteblue:

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Get out & vote today!! I voted absentee last month!! Go Blue wave!!💙🌊

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Proof that elite universities aren't always run by the cleverest people:

"University of Cambridge to decommission its homegrown email service Hermes in favour of Microsoft Exchange Online"

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@InternetKevin @TonyStark @NatashaRomanoff We can't self-define what words mean or communication is impossible.

For example, this isn't a trout no matter how many times I say it is to me.

Trout: 🦄

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