@JohnJClimateMarcher Oh, does he still host despicable people on his show in order to "expose them" (as if they need the exposure)? He's had various racists, homophobes, and a group of *extreme* trolls who would single you, me, or anyone out just for typing their name. Worst of all, he interviewed anti-Semite Glenn Miller, who was later convicted of killing people at the Overland Park Jewish Community Center. I certainly hope he doesn't give a platform to people like that anymore.

From what I gather, he has been able to convert some of their audience or following with his reasonable tone, composure in the face of attacks, and logic. I think his approach is geared towards deprogramming cultists and reaching those on the fence or who may be feeling ill at ease with their "in-group".
It's not always successful.
I hope he doesn't give a platform to neo-Nazis and blatant racists anymore, either.
Btw, what do you think of Joe Rogan?

He's outright admitted that he has people on for what I guess you could call the audio equivalent of "clickbait."

I, personally, prefer not to give a platform to Nazis and hate groups, either, or I wouldn't have my own instance here.

Joe Rogan isn't anything I want to waste my limited time on now or any other day.

I'm sure Nat has her own opinions.

@TonyStark one of the things I appreciate about you, my friend, is that you put your money where your mouth is, quite literally, and have created this no-Nazi, pro-Democratic and pro-democracy space (though a Mastodon instance cannot be run as a democracy or anarchist collective and needs an administrator, so people who do not like this one can find a more suitable one in the fediverse, which is a democratic thing). @JohnJClimateMarcher @NatashaRomanoff


I'm happy to do it. I enjoy work.

I get by with a little help from my friends. ?

I certainly wouldn't be doing it without you, a true friend, and the one who really left behind, ahem, you know who.

And lots of wine.

It’s definitely a Beatles day, between this and your bio, @TonyStark!

Tony is my first friend from the birdsite resistance. Who else was despairing in 2016 or 2017 at the prospect of the orange menace? We followed a character who said something we liked, made a friend, created a new account name. Here we are on resistance.social now!

The Beatles aren't on the radio as much as when I was young and I don't have my mom's records, but I've always loved them.


@MariaHill @TonyStark In November, I despaired for a month. In late December, I found some like-minded people on birdsite of all things.

Eventually, I contacted Tony and it's been a real inspiration and source of motivation for my activism.

Everything needs a good leader and we are fortunate to have one.

@SteveRogers I met you not long after I met @TonyStark as he told me you were good to hang around. @NatashaRomanoff found us in a thread one evening shortly after that. I'm glad we all came together and met so many other good people along the way.

@GooseTheCat @RJS @CarolDanvers @QueenRamonda @Pepper @phillyaccent @Spiderman @DrStephenStrange @AgentCarter_SSR I'm glad you found us, no matter when it was! The four of us like to talk to each other, but having new friends for socializing and sharing info is better. I think I got everyone who answered! :goosecat: 🏒 :capmarvel: :ramonda: :pepper: :philly: :spiderman2: :portal: :peggyhat: :Nat2: :capshield: :arcreactor4: :mariahill: @NatashaRomanoff @SteveRogers @TonyStark

@TonyStark @MariaHill @NatashaRomanoff @SteveRogers

This is great! ➡️ :philly: Even better than :pa: ! Thanks to whoever of you made it.

@YinzPittsburghers @PixxburghGirl Did you see that you got one too? :pittsbgh:

Pennsylvania has what are called First Class Townships. This is a First Class Instance.


@TonyStark @phillyaccent We do have a great team. Glad you like it. We'd love to see some more swing state people who can help get info out. Everyone recruit some and we will make them goodies! @NatashaRomanoff @SteveRogers @YinzPittsburghers @PixxburghGirl

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