Heat on communists/socialists/anarchists is going to crank up as Trump tries to unite right, center, and much of the dem left for his own preservation. Dem party has fostered red scare, the right will be happy to take it over full force.

Main conspiracy theory he's encouraging is that Venezuela, Cuba, and others stole the election from him.

I don't think the nearly 80 million people who voted for Joe Biden are suddenly going to cling to Trump.

Red scare is only something I've heard from MAGA conspiracy theories. Please don't push that sort of thing here.

Lastly, you're on an instance full of Democrats activists and voters. (Dem left to you?) Insulting us probably isn't your best course of action.

@TonyStark I voted Biden, FWIW. My concern is that blue dogs will unite with more rabid red scare mongers and that the red scare is going to get more attention and will therefore need to be actively resisted. I'm not a proponent of it at all.

Your fear is of the wrong crowd. Not one Democrat has even remotely suggested uniting with Trump. Not one person on the left. Not one.

Our common problem is the Republican party.

The only people who gain from attempts to divide us in the manner you are trying to are MAGA Republicans.

Either you are one or are falling for right-wing propaganda.

There are lots of instances where you won't get pushback on false narratives. This isn't one.


@TonyStark @LeafSheep In the past week, lots of my friends who are Democratic voters but not activists like I am have asked me if I think Trump has any chance of success with his antics. Not one wants him to. If you're asking about elected Democrats, they're all fighting him hard. Pay attention instead of making stuff up.

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