Data show first class mail is being delivered at below the national average in some key battleground states, signaling that voters should move quickly to return ballots. By @AP @_aizaguirre @deshpandepia. #News #AP

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David Attenborough shares the "astonishing" changes he's seen over his lifetime. He is one of the world's most accomplished nature documentarians. #News #AP

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The powerful head of the Vatican's saint-making office has resigned and renounced his rights as a cardinal amid a financial scandal that has reportedly implicated him indirectly. #News #AP #Reno #Vatican

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I've always seen Resistbot less for the lazy& more for those who have less time to craft a full letter or those with hearing impairments or anxiety that makes phone calls to MOCs difficult.
Personally, I use it daily on my bus ride to work every morning. Quick& simple, it gets my message across& I can start my day feeling like I've accomplished something before I even have my morning coffee.

@Thunderbirds511 I'm not comfortable getting into exactly what I do, but you need to have a lot more knowledge about this before you just say, "all of them need to be doing it." It's not that easy. I think it's safer to not have kids all together right now, but I am seeing the gap in what some schools are providing for their distance learning kids. It's stark and exacerbating the huge divide that was already there between kids in rich and poor districts. @DrStephenStrange

What follows is an infuriating, fascinating and beautifully told account of how plant employees tried to raise alarms about what they suspected was a covid-19 outbreak at their workplace. The state refused to help them. Agri Star's owner denied there was a problem at his plant. It took a geneticist-turned-disease detective named Paraic Kenny to piece the mystery together, mapping every case in Postville on a corkboard and finally concluding, that the plant was the epicenter of a deadly outbreak

POOR Lindsey Graham is CRYING about his opponent!!! Maybe he should USE some of the MONEY Trump gave him for his LOYALTY.

Courtesy of NY daily news:
The president vs. democracy: By refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power, Trump threatens the very foundation of the American republic.

Would it be great if this wasn't the case?


Is it the case?


Vote like other people's lives depend on it.

Senator Bernie Sanders: "This is an election between Donald Trump and democracy – and democracy must win"

I donated again today. We've donated more this election to all Democrats running nationwide than ever before in our lifetime and we are in the same finanicial situation as most with very little to spare, but... we are committed to ending the nightmare we are all living in right now so we've decided to squeeze our budget a bit harder and donate whatever we can to keep Democrats on top in fundraising.


The Trump strategy, as many have noticed, is to tie things up in courts and try and intimidate and confuse people.

The ACLU and League of Women Voters are both involved, as are groups throughout the state.


Do not be alarmed but do pay attention. Everyone else, help spread the word. Pennsylvania is a swing state and every vote is needed to help elect :biden4president:

Use both envelopes, the security envelope and the mailing envelope if you are voting by mail. Then mail it right away or go to a drop box. It's easy :pa: :voteblue:

Alarm grows over 'naked ballot' ruling in Pennsylvania

Mail ballots in PA will be thrown out if they're not FIRST enclosed in the provided secrecy envelope and THEN enclosed in the outer envelope. Dress your ballot before you address your ballot! Don't let it go out into the world naked! Pass it on.

ACLU: Facebook’s Discrimination Against the LGBT Community

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