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@TonyStark I'm always a proud Democrat. All week, I've been even prouder than usual. The contrast between the way Biden spoke tonight and the way 45* spews word salad is stunning.

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Hello, fediverse! I’m Natasha, one of the moderators of I like democracy and not living under tyranny, among other things. You may have seen me on previous instances, but this is where calls home now.

Just fucking vote. Vote for Joe Biden. We won't get another chance.

The Hill's Campaign Report: GOP set to ask SCOTUS to limit mail-in voting:

It is sad that they resort to attacking Joe Biden's son because they can't find anything to use against Joe. - "GOP senators’ report calls Hunter Biden’s board position with Ukraine firm ‘problematic,’ but fails to show how it changed U.S. policy"

I'm so tired of the grifting and cronyism of this administration. They're put themselves in an elite group accountable to nobody. We need to hold them to account. :voteblue2:

DHS gave millions in contracts to firm where acting chief's wife works

A Homeland Security spokesperson said Wolf was unaware of the contracts until contacted by the media. Wolf's Senate confirmation hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

Dear Pennsylvania,

1. Vote Biden / Harris
2. If you vote by mail, please follow the easy instructions and use both friggen' envelopes

Thank you

You can't vote if you're not registered to vote. Deadlines to do it are approaching. Do not wait. Register today.

Register. Vote. Donate. Volunteer. Vote against every Republican everywhere so the survivors are more afraid of the voters than they are beholden to their donors.

:registertovote: :voteblue:


My kiddo pre-registered to vote before he left for college last month. He understands how important it is to active& involved. This morning I issued him a challenge. For every friend he talked to about I would load enough $ on his gift card for 1 Mochachino.
I'm now on the hook for 7.

Thank you once again, Governor Wolf, for keeping Pennsylvanians safe.

Unfortunately, we've learned very decidedly that people left to their own devices in a serious crisis won't act properly by at least a third, maybe more. :pa:

Gov. Wolf Responds After House Bill 2787 Veto | Newsradio 1020 KDKA

It's time for the

War is good for absolutely nothing and it pains me to see people even joking about it. I'm also pained to see Mr. Starr have to smile through this but 1969 and Black he probably had to.

It always reminded me of gospel music that I grew up with.

Listen to the man.

@QueenRamonda I'm not sure if any of us tooted this opinion piece from a few days ago called "Mitch McConnell is the apex predator of U.S. politics." I think @TonyStark may have. We already knew McConnell enjoyed being evil. This is just another admission. @artilectzed

@TonyStark There's nothing they won't steal. Doesn't matter if it's a SCOTUS seat, an election, or money for pandemic supplies.

Meanwhile small businesses die on a daily basis because they were given an 8 week program to get through what has now been 6+ months of a pandemic.

200,000 people and counting are dead from Trump's mismanagement of the entire government.

Pentagon used taxpayer money meant for masks and swabs to make jet engine parts and body armor.
Shortly after Congress passed the Cares Act, the Pentagon began directing pandemic-related money to defense contractors.

No matter whether you live in Pennsylvania or not, make sure that you fill out your ballot and send it the right way. As fun as it sounds, no naked ballots in :pa:

How ‘naked ballots’ in Pennsylvania could cost Joe Biden the 2020 presidential election

@TonyStark Thanks, Tony!

It's the first step to the most important step we can take coming up. Everyone who can must help out and vote. It's the ultimate act of really caring about others.


@TonyStark Be counted. You can't vote unless you're registered to vote and it takes just minutes.


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