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If you're a Biden voter from a state that didn't deliver any Electoral College votes to and , I want you to know I see you and I'm with you here in North Carolina, where the results aren't final but look to be the opposite of what I wanted. We still did our part. We contributed to the popular vote, which also matters a lot. And while I'm at it, fuck the Electoral College, an antiquated and white supremacist institution that needs to be retired.

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Hello, fediverse! I’m Natasha, one of the moderators of I like democracy and not living under tyranny, among other things. You may have seen me on previous instances, but this is where calls home now.

Our next President has just announced he will ask everyone in the country to wear a mask for his first 100 days. There's a reason for that.

Face masks reduced Tampa Bay coronavirus cases by 1.4 million, says USF professor:

I guess there won't be much left to wreck by Christmas.

Trump appoints NOAA climate skeptic to panel selecting National Medal of Science winners.

The White House is appointing David Legates, a top administration official with a history of questioning humans’ influence on global warming, to the committee responsible for selecting the National Medal of Science.

These will keep being dismissed, but the fact that 3 Republican-appointed judges voted to assist Trump in destroying U.S. democracy is why I make it my business to register as many voters as possible, to work for good candidates, and to encourage anyone who will listen to do the same.  

But there is no doubt that Trump lost « bigly » - by more than 10x the size of his paltry 2016 margin.

WI Supreme Court declines to hear Trump campaign challenge to election results:

This is very cool.

It makes a nice change....seeing presidents who actually care about Americans.

Knowing they are the opposite of trump who only cares about himself.

"Former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton are volunteering to get their Covid-19 vaccines on camera to promote public confidence in the vaccine's safety once the US Food and Drug Administration authorizes one."

Just had it confirmed in a meeting today that my department will be one of the first to receive the vaccine(s) when it's all approved. It isn't mandatory at this point but likely will be, like the flu shot is for us. I will definitely be getting it and let you all know how that goes. Hooray for science!

@TonyStark Democrats put workers first. Republicans put them last.

@TonyStark The days are counting down and they cannot go fast enough.

This is exactly the type of person who should be advising Biden on economics.

Shifting the focus to how economic policy supports or impedes workers, with a focus on systemic inequalities in institutions that help drive our economy, is the only way our country will begin to reverse the current trends toward extreme income disparities and concentrations of wealth in fewer and fewer people.

Biden’s New Top Economist Has a Longtime Focus on Workers:

Excellent article. This played out in every town, county, state, country and continent.

There was a time in March when my friends and I discussed how none of us knew anyone affected by the virus. Now we all know too many- many who didn't have access to healthcare or couldn't stay home because they had to keep working.

No one should be considered expendable. Our next President knows that. Take these stories seriously. and if you can.

The Epicenter:

This is a great picture of newly-elected Arizona U.S. Senator Mark Kelly being sworn in today, next to fellow Arizona Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema.

Good for AZ.

📷: New York Daily News

I want to read "Pelosi and Schumer say Obstructionist Mitch McConnell and most of the GOP are deliberately trying to tank the economy and hurt Main Street before the Biden presidency" because that is the truth.

If arrogance, stupidity or hypocrisy were co-morbidities, there wouldn't be one Republican left standing. 

Pompeo invites hundreds to indoor holiday parties after subordinates are warned against hosting ‘non-mission critical events’ -

Efforts have not stalled; Mitch McConnell has stalled efforts.

The first thing cut from the bill was the much needed $1200.00 stimulus checks. Once again the people who need money the most are pushed aside. People are sicker, hungrier, and homeless, yet big business' liability protection has been pushed to the front of the line?

Help flip the 2 Senate seats.

Pelosi, Schumer say $908 billion economic relief package should be starting point for talks:

@TonyStark It's not getting talked about as much but Republicans still have no replacement for Obamacare and would have taken away pre-existing conditions coverage if they could have already.

Jon Ossoff wants to protect what we have and make it better.

Do some phone banking with Team Ossoff on Thursday to help get Georgians the best representation and flip the Senate blue!

There are separate events for in Georgia and different areas outside Georgia to keep it organized and keep lists up to date.

Make calls to inform people about the election and help them make a plan to vote! :voteblue: :GOTV: :ga: :ossoff4ga:

In GA:

Even with the adjustments, the chart in the report shows that in 3 MONTHS the cumulative job loss was 4 MILLION.

In comparison, back during the Great Recession, a total of 8 million people lost their jobs. So basically HALF as many jobs were lost in 3 MONTHS as had happened over almost 2 YEARS in the last recession (the worst one except the Great Depression). It's record bad.

GAO report says unemployment numbers have been inflated by backlogs during pandemic -

ProPublica has a good article on how states with lax policies on COVID restrictions are hurting states with stricter restrictions. Examples: MO and IL near St. Louis and Quincy/Hannibal; IA and IL near the Quad Cities; and IL and IN/WI near Chicago. #COVID19

This perfectly encapsulates Republican strategy--when accused of murdering guests at a dinner party, they will scream that the host provided the wrong salad fork.

And the sad part---the depressing part--is that the media, with the attention span of a hummingbird on crack, will start to interview the host. 

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