Maybe Obama was onto something... Tienanmen Trump?

I'm waiting to watch the debate, and see how long it takes Trump to try to invade Biden's personal space.

Texas is polling at a 2.2 point spread.

It keeps narrowing in the year of the largest voter turnout in the state's history.

It's happening.

Obama just listed every issue out and said nothing but facts about our situation.

It was a damning indictment of the current administration.

They are already saying in the media that former presidents shouldn't get involved...

Meine Freunden, these are not normal times.

I AM fired up!

I AM ready to go!

John Carpenter’s “Vampires” only Dracula eats James Woods’s character and everyone else, vampire or human, gets to be a happy couple.


Watching President Obama speak about the election is inoculation against the stupidity put upon us by the pretender to the throne.

This is what leadership looks like.

I think he knows he's lost, and he's prepping a news network.

Good time to remember that polls aren't votes and every single person needs to show up and vote.


TX is now a 3.0% game... steadily getting tighter over the past two months.

It's a trend now... With Early voting number what they are down there, there is a good chance for it to flip.

Aggregate polling for GA is showing Biden up by .2

This is the first time GA has flipped in this cycle.

I am starting to think that Texas is really going to flip... historic early voting numbers showing up...

This could be really big... if Texas flips, this is OVER.

My ballot is in... is yours?

Kanye wasn't on it, but Joe Biden was.

Go vote, and help to apply some bandages to the republic.

That doesn't make you harmless. Gottlieb and FB both destroyed the lives they touched.

But it means we should address you as a sociopathic fraudster who got high on your own supply - not as a supergenius whose secret invention puts the future of human free will at risk.

The only people these evil clowns really manage to brainwash is themselves and the people who pay their bills. Everyone else, they merely torture.


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