@TonyStark As long as McConnell is running the Senate, not one helpful thing will happen in America as far as legislative action goes. and send him off.

@SteveRogers @AgentCarter_SSR @TonyStark @TheBatman @ChloeDecker Without my Heroes friends, I'd be in much worse shape. In the "Choose Your Own Adventure" book of life, I made the right decision when I joined in on that birdsite thread nearly four years ago. :avengers3:

Keep working hard to help get out the Democratic vote in Georgia.

There is a real chance here to gain ground in this state and get better representation for everyone, especially in the 2 U.S. Senate races - help elect Jon Ossoff and the Rev. Raphael Warnock.

Republicans are scrambling to shore up their conservative base in Georgia amid rising fears within the party that the state’s status as a GOP stronghold is at risk of slipping away.


Getting caught doing insider trading may not be the smartest move to get elected, Kelly Loeffler.

Don't forget the U.S. House races going into Election Day.

Here's a list you can help out with and make sure your friends in these districts vote blue.

Our House majority needs protected. An expansion would be even better. Vote Republicans out. :voteblue2:

Cook Report shifts 12 House races, all but one toward Democrats: thehill.com/homenews/campaign-

Please help out Mike Espy to win this completely flippable U.S. Senate seat in Mississippi.

Obama endorses Espy in Mississippi Senate race | TheHill thehill.com/homenews/campaign/

Reality has practically no bearing on the world view, attitudes, or actions of modern American "conservatives." Scaring up racism does.

Join me these next 13 days and help vote them into oblivion. :voteblue2:

Study finds no crime increase in cities that adopted ‘sanctuary’ policies, despite Trump claims -

🙋‍♂️There are a hell of a lot of good people in the fediverse. I think that's great.✔️

Voting is done for me and and my family and it is BLUE ALL THE WAY!! PRESIDENT Joe Biden...has a nice ring to it doesn't it? I cannot wait.

If a bill is not voted on before Election Day, it will never happen if Democrats don't win both the Presidency and the Senate and even then it's after January 20th.

Removing Republicans from power is literally a matter of life and death (and decades of suffering and financial ruin) for hundreds of thousands of our fellow Americans who have done nothing to deserve this fate.

McConnell warns White House against making stimulus deal as Pelosi and Mnuchin inch closer:

@AgentCarter_SSR @TheBatman @TonyStark @NatashaRomanoff @MariaHill

Me too! I'm so glad she spoke up about that. There's not a whole lot of Hispanic/Latino representation so to hear her talk about it means a lot.


What a great event. I couldn't be more excited!!

So glad to have met all of you guys on this journey. I really value it. :voteblue2:
@AgentCarter_SSR @SteveRogers @NatashaRomanoff @ChloeDecker

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