Brew coffee, eat turkey, Zoom loved ones and yes stay at home.

Colorado's state epidemiologist:

Yes, he's right. Bullet dodged, but there's more ammo where that came from. We must be wary.
Including being careful about those running the Lincoln Project.


They had brunch and now everyone in the family is sick and mom is in the hospital. Stay home.

Watching Biden’s nominees speaking today was like watching the Avengers assembling.


The battle for democracy will be in the state houses and county election boards in 2022.

The Republican Party does not care about Black voters. They'd rather take what they can get at the margins and try to stop us in from voting in the large urban areas.

Republicans will never again win the popular vote in a presidential election. They make zero effort to expand their base while the country continues to slowly, but inextricably move to the left. We have to vote blue on all levels.

Republicans Rewrite an Old Playbook on Disenfranchising Black Americans:

@TonyStark I call for significant personnel change in the White House. Too bad it's not for another 57 days.

Notice that the signatories of this piece are all Democrats. Corporatism Republican politicians will tell these mayors and their constituents to buck-up, to wait for the trickle down, and buy a better quality of boot straps.

Opinion | We need a Marshall Plan for Middle America, mayors in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky write -

"A group of nominees that doesn't look like an all-white-restricted country club." - Michael Bechloss, presidential historian, on Biden's cabinet

@TonyStark Here’s what we are doing. That.

We’ve gone this far. Don’t fuck it up for cornbread.

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