All voters should cast their votes up and down the ballot for Democratic alternatives to Republican candidates. Republicans need a political thrashing, a resounding rejection.

Send your mail ballot early or take it to your county board of elections, if you can. If we are forced to polls, we will mask up and get there.

Postal employees are warning that new procedures put in place by a Trump ally could undermine their ability to deliver ballots in time for the election:

@TonyStark I consider voting for Democrats to be the most important thing I'll do all year. I won't let Republicans or anything else stop me. It's going to take all of us voting and convincing non-voters to join us. :joebiden: :voteblue2:

Donated to Jay Inslee's reelection campaign & bought a couple of sheets of USPS stamps for my part today!
@NatashaRomanoff @TonyStark

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