@TonyStark I've never been so mad. People won't listen to medical advice and for what? To prove some stupid point?
Would they turn down cancer treatments now for their family members if Trump said so? It is a

@TonyStark The good news is that there will be no second wave of Covid19 this fall. The bad news is that we’ll still be in the first wave.

Every Republican must go.

All my mom's relatives live in South Dakota and I am not happy about the fireworks display or his visit - "But concern about the coronavirus risk and wildfire danger from the fireworks, along with protests from Native American groups, will also greet the president."

This couple up in Portland really hit it outta the park with this short ad today. Eleven Films. Check them out. eleven-films.com/


@TonyStark It’s Independence Day weekend and we have to win it all over again from ignorance and cruelty.

@TonyStark If you're not doing something to remove Trump, you're basically voting for him. End of story.

This decision was 5-4.

This situation didn't have to be this way, either. Trump got handed 2 SCOTUS picks. Let's not do that again.

Supreme Court temporarily blocks court order that cleared the way for expanded vote by mail in Alabama due to Covid-19:

@Dagny @TonyStark what gets me, at least where I am, is not that they think they are invincible but they don't care. If their gym is closed or their drive is slowed by a protest or any other minor inconvenience they will scream bloody murder and those things better be there for them regardless of who it kills as long as it isn't them themselves.

The Republican/Libertarian motto of "I got mine, fuck you" is killing this country. Literally.

Physically, quite well.

Mentally, extremely pissed at the people who won't take a pandemic seriously because of their willful stupidity. They are doing no less than ruining the lives of others if not taking them.

If everyone would start wearing a mask and keeping proper space from people in public now, it would help. But an orange moron politicized a health issue because he's afraid of how it makes him look, so they don't.

How's everyone's health? Please wear masks (even if they're uncomfortable) and social distance!

Thursday was a sad sad record for the United States.

Note how many of the worst states are GOP controlled.

This didn't have to happen. It wouldn't have happened if we'd had national leadership that put human lives ahead of personal political concerns. It wouldn't have happened if so many Republican governors hadn't acted as a Trumpist cult followers and rushed to throw open states without regard for public health consequences.  

We were and are utterly without leadership and every single person will suffer as a result.

Please do something to change this in November.

@TonyStark Talk to even one individual who is putting their own life on the line in a hospital. These people don't care and won't until it happens to them.

There is no empathy and it is coming straight from Trump. If you care at all about other people, you'll help remove him.

and Allegheny County friends:

Its time to make our voices heard and Take Back the White House! We are calling Democrats in Allegheny County to make sure they vote BLUE in 2020 this week and next. This is how you can get involved from home. :biden2020:

Sign Up so we can Flip PA Back PA to Blue!

South Hill Dems Phone Bank · The Back To Blue Campaign



If you're out there and an organizer for Democratic candidates, especially where we can flip a seat from a Republican, toot about it.

I'd love to boost more of these.

@marissa People act like it's not a binary choice. Sure, you can vote for the Libertarian or Green candidate, write in Bernie or Elmo from Sesame Street. It all amounts to the same when there are going to be two choices competing for those 270 electoral votes needed to become president, and those will almost certainly be Biden and Trump. If we don't want four more years of Trump, we get over not having 100% of what we want, and realize Biden is much better for our interests.

Strong, coherent, and consistent messaging from the start - regarding handwashing, wearing masks, social distancing and staying home - would have prevented countless amounts of suffering and death.

Trump failed on every level.

I hope this story makes at least one person think twice right now. We need new leadership as fast as we can get it.

Man who went to party warned people not to be an 'idiot like me’ a day before dying of covid-19:

18 trans women murdered this year alone. 91% of trans women killed last year were black. This is not okay. We need a grand, fundamental reform of the racist, transphobia-ridden system we live in.

The Grio: "Trans woman Merci Mack killed in Dallas": is.gd/z4qffI

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