please donate blood 

Today I give blood again. 😄💪

Next time on November 11th....

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Here’s what I ask every person to do this election season, courtesy of Aretha Franklin.

We have one chance to look outside ourselves and do what’s right and vote.


Aretha Franklin - Think [1968] (Original Version)

How many more times will we all think, "I can't do this anymore?" How many more times will we have to talk each other out of completely folding up?

Many, many more. Don't fold up. Fight. Say her name:


The good people will fight against this endorsement that it is legal to kill an innocent person at will. The good people are surely exhausted. 💔💔

Breonna Taylor Decision: Kentucky Grand Jury Indicts 1 Of 3 Officers

You have a repugnant criminal leader trying to subvert the constitution & take away your right to vote.

That means you too, Republicans.

Are you ready to give away your rights?

He's already declaring cities you live in, as the enemy. via @GoogleNews

Garbage decision, for many reasons. The 3 wanton endangerment charges against Hankison are for his firing into the other apartments. $15,000 is a ridiculously insulting amount of bail, too. Attorney General Cameron is lying through his teeth at his press conference. There are clearly two systems of justice in this country.

Par for the course -

Ted Cruz blocks a U.S. Senate resolution to honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg, citing a “partisan” amendment:

I do not believe that Republicans at the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee hearing with Dr. Fauci understand what the word "transmission" means.

Thank you .

Thank you for always fighting for equality before the law.

Thank you for your arguments before the court, and for your opinions & dissents as a justice. Thank you for fighting for gender & racial equality.

Thank you.


In fact, the House has a truckload of intelligent legislation already passed but withering on McConnell's desk. With a Democratic majority Senate and President next year, we could have a beautiful wave of legislation that is efficiently moved and passed.

Trump should be very pleased with himself that he has inspired legislation for The Protecting Our Democracy Act. We'll just be calling it the Restrain Trump Act soon.

I salute the valiant effort. It's only the tip of the iceberg of slush and garbage and disinformation that allows such abuses of power to thrive, but you have to start somewhere.

@Spiderman I will drive people to City Hall myself so they can drop their ballots off if I have to, or Norristown or Media or Doylestown or wherever. (Note to Republicans: You can't drop off other people's ballots here, only your own. So stop lying about "ballot harvesting.") And the last thing I feel like doing is circling City Hall and trying to stay in the correct lane so that I don't end up on Broad Street while waiting to pick people up again.


What's striking about the modern GOP is exactly their absolute inability to govern in a positive manner.

What was the last proactive measure passed by the GOP? Medicare Part D?


Govern? Who has time for that? Republicans are too busy picking our pockets, packing the courts& destroying our healthcare.

This is what governing looks like. Republicans should try it sometime.

An extraordinarily compelling reason to vote for Democrats in November. Of course it won't reach the Senate floor until Moscow Mitch isn't Majority Leader anymore. :registertovote: :voteblue2:

House Democrats unveil reforms to prevent future presidential abuses -

Just when you think the levels of incompetence, greed and corruption in America couldn't get any worse...BAM, the world of Trumpistan finds another way to shock and lower this country further into his personal cesspool. 

:vote: :voteblue2:

In secret tapes, mine executives detail their sway over leaders from Juneau to the White House:

“Illegally appointed Acting Secretary Wolf who has now been nominated for the position.”

He is not Senate confirmed and beyond the appointment grace period as well as an moral and ethical ghoul, in addition to the rest of it.

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