It's a political leader stepping forward with a PLAN.

3 1/2 years now that as a nation we've just drifted from photo-op to photo-op, listened to policy decrees by rage-tweet, and watched Air Force One depart for yet another golf outing in Florida.

We are accomplishing nothing.

The BIDEN TEAM can't get here soon enough with its talent, energy, devotion to the public interest, and its IDEAS.
J͙O͙Ξ B͙I͙D͙ΞN͙ 2͙0͙2͙0͙ :joebiden:

Biden releases US-centered economic plan:



I don’t get any argument that says Trump built a great economy....during good times the economy was riding smooth, but his job was to make sure if there were a bump in the road, we don’t feel it. Pandemic came along and I think most people feel it. Was the cratered economy artificial? He had choices to make and this economy is the result of his final decisions.

They were all wrong.

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