We still need two more so this could even be posturing but her constituents in Alaska need to hold her to it and ask her to talk to her Republican colleagues.

Key GOP senator says she opposes taking up a Supreme Court nomination before Election Day - CNNPolitics

I hope she truly feels this way, but I have my doubts. Lisa& Susan have a very Lucy VanPelt voting record.

@AgentCarter_SSR Oh, the two of them will vote to oppose, so long as it leaves them a 51-49 majority. Romney is pretty independent though and may not feel inclined to shove through a Trump nominee even though his office hasn't said what he's doing. Unfortunately since he wasn't in the Senate in 2016, we don't have him on record. That's 50-50 and leaves Pence having to break the tie and still leaves us down a vote though, and still leaves them off the hook to play that game. @SteveRogers

@SteveRogers My cynical view? They may not do it before the election - to get their pro-forced-birthers to come out and vote, since many of them are single-issue voters, then ram through in the lame duck session, anyway. Most especially if they lose the WH and the Senate...

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