@MariaHill @TonyStark @NatashaRomanoff @SteveRogers Copy that Agent Hill, let me try to get the Royal Typewriter and percolator in their travel 🧳!

We were victorious, but that is just the beginning.

Now we begin to repair what was damaged.

@AgentCarter_SSR @MariaHill @TonyStark @NatashaRomanoff @SteveRogers Copy Chief, thank you! ‘alf a mo while I crate up the🦩 but us guys from the ‘40s office don’t have to be asked twice! ☕️🙂

@TonyStark You deserve some :shawarma: after all that work. It’s great over here!

Thank you for pointing that out, Nat.

We have a diverse group of friends and being characters, which lots of people do online, can be a nice diversion in the current times. :avengers2:
@MariaHill @SteveRogers

Spiraling Rudy Giuliani Desperately Claims Election Fraud Was Coordinated By 'Somebody In Washington' ift.tt/39O5CsU

Ousted DHS Official Rips GOPers For Election Hypocrisy: 'They've Accepted Their Outcomes And Their Races' ift.tt/3gf0ZJw

#Georgia :ga:

Don't forget to make sure you're registered to vote for the January 5th runoff elections!

The deadline is tomorrow, December 7th.

Register now - don't wait! And check with friends, neighbors, and family. Make sure they're registered, too. #RegisterToVote #GArunoffs :registertovote: :vote:


transphobia, uk law 

the terfs are trying to make it illegal to discuss transgender topics online

Welcome to democracy.town. I’m Maria, one of the moderators here. Administrator @TonyStark, our other moderators @NatashaRomanoff, @SteveRogers, and our many other friends met as part of the Resistance four years ago. Now we can focus on other liberal/progressive priorities and restoring our democracy, hence our name change. Our primary purpose is to share information on elections, encourage voter participation, and discuss politics but we also like to enjoy ourselves. Please check out “about this server” in the lower left corner of this page to learn more.

If you need help here, tag a mod or send a DM.

We are based in the USA and focused mostly on domestic politics. We welcome friends from other places (and I personally like talking about international politics).

Finally, we're in a pandemic. #StayHome if you can and #WearAMask.

good work @TonyStark 💪

thanks for your infomations everyday. 😄

Web Summit: Captain America actor Chris Evans tells Web Summit why a neutral bipartisan site is needed in these highly divisive, polarising times. 🇺🇸👊 Follow A Starting Point on social media, and get the App.

A Starting Point

#redwhiteandblue #chrisevans #astartingpoint #captainamerica #saturday

Jeanine Pirro Calls AG Bill Barr A 'Reptile' For Not Helping Trump Overthrow The Election ift.tt/39KSHrp

Kayleigh McEnany Accidentally Admits Joe Biden Will Be Next President ift.tt/39MNVKf

He was homeless, survived a fire, and was playing music in his car in a parking lot when he was shot by an angry white man with a gun. His mother's voice holds such powerful truths about racism.

Oregon Town Grapples With Shooting Death Of 19-Year-Old Aidan Ellison : NPR

Migration can be done easily. First, if you want to save your settings (blocks, etc.), back them up under Preferences > Import and Export > Request Your Archive. You will import them to your new account.

Then create an account on the new instance. Go to Edit Profile > Moving From A Different Account > enter your current full address.

Then log back into the old account > Edit Profile > Moving To A Different Account > enter your full new account address.

Please ask if you need help. 2/2

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This instance is moving to a new home.

Most of this community started using Twitter to organize and share information shortly after the Presidential election in 2016. It turned into a movement on social media known as .

Our resistance mission came to a successful end with the defeat of Donald Trump. We have realized a new mission is required.

This instance will be closing on March 6, 2021. Today, we will begin migrating to our new home, democracy.town. 1/2

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