@Spiderman @MariaHill @TonyStark The level of selfishness and stupidity is worse than I ever thought even at the height (depth?) of my teenage misanthropy.

The NYPD Isn’t Giving Critical Bodycam Footage to Officials Investigating Alleged Abuse buff.ly/2VL9qmJ


I don't know if he can top last year, but I'm willing to find out.

S1E4 Agent Of Resistance
Secret Soldier
It's not easy to find a way to protect the world when you're a wanted man. Especially for Steve Rogers, exiled from a home he barely recognizes, trying to find his way.


#AgentsOfSHIELD #Spoilers 

Is it just me, or has no one addressed the S7 plothole big enough to fly the Zephyr through?

Izel destroyed the Chronicon homeworld mid/late S6.

The Chronicons have the tech& the willingness to go almost a century back in human time to alter the timeline enough for them to take Earth for their new home.

Why not just go back in their own time, stop Izel, and save their own planet?

Yes, I know it ruins what has been an amazing S7 story arch but still, HUGE PLOT HOLE!

Anthology documentary series "Marvel's 616," a look at the Marvel Universe's pop culture fandom, is one of three Disney+ projects coming to Comic-Con@Home between July 22 and 26, 2020.


If this were an alternate timeline, Black Widow would be approaching the 90-day window and hitting homes really soon (plus we'd know all the spoilers already and could be busy discussing what the movie means for the future). Instead, we’re more than 90 days away from Black Widow’s theatrical release, which is now expected to come on November 6. That’s if theaters start to reopen and people start getting out to theaters sooner rather than later.


Symone Sanders, a senior adviser to Joe Biden, is the youngest member of his inner circle and the highest-ranking African-American person on his campaign staff. She has become, for a host of reasons, a critical figure in this presidential race.

Symone Sanders Bet on Biden, and Herself 


@TonyStark I have relatives who intend to have people over for 4th of July. They think that because they live in a rural area and are only inviting family members, they’ll be safe. Never mind the other families who had parties that resulted in people dying; never mind that we’re in one of the worst states; they don’t watch news, so they don’t know. They have no idea where everyone has been or what they do. Nothing will get through to them short of being infected. I’ll stay at home, thanks.

@TonyStark I've never been so mad. People won't listen to medical advice and for what? To prove some stupid point?
Would they turn down cancer treatments now for their family members if Trump said so? It is a

@TonyStark Talk to even one individual who is putting their own life on the line in a hospital. These people don't care and won't until it happens to them.

There is no empathy and it is coming straight from Trump. If you care at all about other people, you'll help remove him.

@TonyStark The good news is that there will be no second wave of Covid19 this fall. The bad news is that we’ll still be in the first wave.

Every Republican must go.

@Hawkeye @TonyStark I try not to hate anyone but it’s getting pretty challenging.

If you can’t wear a mask and care about your neighbors and family enough to be careful, I just don’t understand who would do that.


If it wouldn't kill the people I love, I'd show up at every single Covidiot's funeral and say, "Science told you so". But I won't. Because Covid-19. And science. And I'm not an idiot.

Also, vote the GOP out.

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