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If Trump can't handle the thought that he was beaten by Joe Biden, maybe he can console himself with the thought that he was also beaten by Kamala Harris. 

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It's called, my friends.

It's called.


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I’ve heard from people that they want a reason to vote FOR Biden beyond the fact that he's not Trump. I respect that. So here's 75 reasons to vote for that don't have anything to do with Trump.

1. $15.00 federal minimum wage
2. Reinstate DACA – allowing new applicants to apply
3. 12 weeks federal paid family leave
4. Universal pre-kindergarten/childcare for ages 3 and 4
5. Tuition-free college for those with household incomes less than $125,000 THREAD 1/15

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good work @TonyStark 💪

thanks for your infomations everyday. 😄

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@TonyStark I want twelve bottles of booze then for my gift to celebrate Christmas with lol

The new instance link is here:

An account will be left here to admin until closing day. @Tony

Thank you!

Lastly, a huge, major, we ❤ you, thank you to @Stux :heartcat:

He created our new instance for us and gives so much of his personal time to help others.

He took us all in when we first moved to Mastodon and made our experience here so much better and personally taught me a lot. He is a good example of how people should treat other people on social media: kindly.

There should be more like him in this world. See you in the new community!

Migration can be done easily. First, if you want to save your settings (blocks, etc.), back them up under Preferences > Import and Export > Request Your Archive. You will import them to your new account.

Then create an account on the new instance. Go to Edit Profile > Moving From A Different Account > enter your current full address.

Then log back into the old account > Edit Profile > Moving To A Different Account > enter your full new account address.

Please ask if you need help. 2/2

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This instance is moving to a new home.

Most of this community started using Twitter to organize and share information shortly after the Presidential election in 2016. It turned into a movement on social media known as .

Our resistance mission came to a successful end with the defeat of Donald Trump. We have realized a new mission is required.

This instance will be closing on March 6, 2021. Today, we will begin migrating to our new home, 1/2

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He was homeless, survived a fire, and was playing music in his car in a parking lot when he was shot by an angry white man with a gun. His mother's voice holds such powerful truths about racism.

Oregon Town Grapples With Shooting Death Of 19-Year-Old Aidan Ellison : NPR


Don't forget to make sure you're registered to vote for the January 5th runoff elections!

The deadline is tomorrow, December 7th.

Register now - don't wait! And check with friends, neighbors, and family. Make sure they're registered, too. :registertovote: :voteblue:

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@TonyStark Good morning Tony :cathug: That sounds wonderful, pancake sunday :blobcatgiggle:

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When are Republican leaders going to condemn this kind of unethical and inappropriate behavior? Or is it OK to try to overturn the will of the electorate just because you don't like the result? 

Anyone who wants a decent reputation going forward needs to leave the party and let the GOP disappear into the rat hole of history.

Trump calls Georgia governor to pressure him for help overturning Biden’s win in the state - The Washington Post

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Really, it's so ludicrous. Any legislator who refuses to acknowledge Biden's victory is basically a coward of epic proportion, who cares less about upholding their sworn duty than pandering.

74 million people are ok with this and despite the pieces that claim I need to listen to them, I can't see why.

220 congressional Republicans won't say whether Biden or Trump won the election, Washington Post survey finds - The Washington Post

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Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon on what kind of stimulus each party wants:

Democrats (House): restaurant relief for small businesses like your corner bistro or neighborhood pizza place

Republicans (Senate): tax breaks for two-martini lunches

Republicans encourage client lunches in a pandemic?! In my city, you can only dine outdoors right now and only with your own household. Bring the relief to keep our restaurants afloat until people are vaccinated!

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1. Too many people don't get the connection between SOCIAL Security, Medicare, highways, dams, airports, roads, fire departments (things that they like) and the social democracy that it takes to run those programs.

2. The republican party has turned into a cult. Hysteria is the theme and socialism is one of the dog whistle buzzwords.

Why Republicans are resorting to anti-socialism hysteria - conservatives will say anything to justify backing a racist, loony president:

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i don’t care for common conceptions of the out/closeted dichotomy that burden queer people with managing the cisnormative expectations of others

the value of being “closeted” is having a completely pressure-free space to explore your own inner feelings so that even your closest confidants understand why you may not be ready to have certain conversations relating to your identity

when you find a sense of inner resolution, it’s not your obligation to go about correcting people’s misassumptions

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