I'm Tony, the administrator of this instance. Many of you know me from Twitter and followed here.

Some of you met me here and are valuable new friends.

At any rate, thanks for following me and being a part of what we do.

I'm still catching up on followers and follow backs, but feel free to give a shout if I've missed you or you need help in any way.

If you'd like to join our instance, please do. Here's a copy of what we're about:

@TonyStark Thrilled to be here! To all our friends here, let me know how I might be able to lend you some Clout! Thanks for pointing out that politics isn't all we do here - but something important that we share in common.

@TonyStark Your a great guy and will make a even better administrator.


You've been a very loyal friend through ups and downs and I really appreciate that.

We will celebrate here when Trump's gone.


Love y'all (why yes, I am a Texan) HeroesResist! When my week from hell is over I'll hop on over to the new instance. ❤️


Thank you! I am just tired of dealing with lawyers. 😂 I am sure I'm not the first person to have those feels. But in good news my first annual performance review for my job went well! Happy anniversary to me. :blobcatlaugh:

Let's make 4 Nov 2020 the day that all the "fake news" papers can banner "YOU'RE FIRED"

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