It's been long week here at

Bots, trolls, a DDoS attack, Republicans.

The rest of the day for me is drinking gifs.

@TonyStark @CarolDanvers I'll take this company and broken gifs over Nazis and integration with giphy.


It certainly has. We all deserve one. I'm only miffed that you got a head start! 🥃

Well done Mr. Stark and the next week will come soon enough. The Hat Squad says they'll pour one for you🥃, Cheers!

@TonyStark Welp, there goes another app that won't post gifs as gifs.

@TonyStark I can't believe I missed this but it's 5 o'clock somewhere.

The Resistance is commonly targeted. Many of us were knocked off bird from mass reporting.

It shows you how desperate Republicans and their cohorts are. It came from Russia and 2 other countries well-known for troll farms. A large attack on this pretty small instance...

@TonyStark @DrStephenStrange Having been one of those, it sucks and birdsite doesn’t care. I had my account for 7 years with no issues and one mass report took e out.

@TonyStark It is strange, isn't it, buddy? Drinking gifs DO help. Not sure how or why, but they do.

Don't blame you. Everyday feels like a long week, lately.

The election is just within reach, though. The Democrats are motivated. It's GOP perfidy we have to keep our tired eyes on. I don't know why so much of this fight has fallen on your shoulders, but I'm glad you're here to bear it. You, & everyone in my Mastodon Fediverse for that matter, have my respect & gratitude.

In the meantime.........where's that bourbon.........



Jennie Lee, I see lots of motivated Democrats, too, and they're motivated to motivate more. Exciting!

As to the other, I really don't know, but a metal suit comes in handy, although it gets a bit dented.

Thanks for being a friend and hanging out with us. I appreciate you, too.

@TonyStark @JennieLee

We support you, Tony, and everyone and all of the messages we help spread every day. That's why we show up. :pepper:

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