It's been long week here at

Bots, trolls, a DDoS attack, Republicans.

The rest of the day for me is drinking gifs.

@TonyStark @CarolDanvers I'll take this company and broken gifs over Nazis and integration with giphy.


It certainly has. We all deserve one. I'm only miffed that you got a head start! 🥃

Well done Mr. Stark and the next week will come soon enough. The Hat Squad says they'll pour one for you🥃, Cheers!

The Resistance is commonly targeted. Many of us were knocked off bird from mass reporting.

It shows you how desperate Republicans and their cohorts are. It came from Russia and 2 other countries well-known for troll farms. A large attack on this pretty small instance...

@TonyStark @DrStephenStrange Having been one of those, it sucks and birdsite doesn’t care. I had my account for 7 years with no issues and one mass report took e out.

@TonyStark It is strange, isn't it, buddy? Drinking gifs DO help. Not sure how or why, but they do.

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