The coronavirus pandemic will change how millions of Americans vote in November, as states expand access to vote-by-mail as a safer alternative to voting in person.

It's time to check your state's voting by mail policy and talk about how to use and expand your voting rights.

Vote by mail: Which states allow absentee voting:

Voting by mail is safe.

Voting by mail is secure.

If we've learned anything these last few months, it's that we need to expand mail voting availability as much as possible before the November elections.

First, look up your state and find out what your guidelines are. Use the article or the link below.


Are you eligible to vote by absentee ballot in your state? Find out now.

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If you are eligible or your state has expanded or has been using mail voting, note your deadlines and make sure you are registered to vote and request your ballot in time.

The more of us who use mail voting, the safer our elections will be and the safer our neighbors and poll workers will be.

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If your state is not offering no-excuse vote-by-mail, call your state legislators and ask what's being done in your state to implement expanded mail voting for the 2020 elections.

Ask that they introduce and sponsor legislation for no-excuse vote-by-mail in your state. 4/8

Find Your State Legislators - Open States

Find out who represents you in your state legislature with Open States.

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Call your state governor and ask what's being done to implement mail voting in your state.

Ask them to sign legislation that comes to them to expand mail voting, ask them to implement systems themselves, and ask them to create budgets to allocate money to vote-by-mail systems. 5/8

Contact Your State Governor | USAGov

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Contact your Secretary of State. A Secretary of State has the authority to set election rules and can make voting by mail a standard option in their states.

They can also establish alert systems that will let voters know of any discrepancies in ballots and allow voters to fix them.

Ask your Secretary of State to support 6/8

Secretary of State Information and Resource Directory!

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Contact your 2 U.S. Senators and 1 U.S. House Representative and ask them to support legislation that establishes federal funding to help states prepare for disruptions in elections that will occur due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Ron Wyden's bill S. 3440 in the Senate and H.R. 6202 in the House would do this.

You can also ask them to support vote-by-mail funding in upcoming coronavirus pandemic relief bills.

The best way to ensure safe voting during a national crisis is to expand access to mail voting, a system already in use and working securely across the country.

Please sign up for voting by mail in your state and make the calls and contacts to expand it if your state needs to.

A fully functioning democracy depends on all voters being able to participate and participating in elections. This is how we can ensure it.

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@TonyStark Thanks for another great thread, Tony. It feels good to take action. and

You're welcome.

Action is my favorite thing.

@TonyStark I like contacting my elected officials and telling them my opinions.

It's how we get things done.

@DrJohnWatson @TonyStark I'm always afraid I'm not educated enough on topics to call up Reps and have a chat. I hope I'm just getting Dunning-Kruger'd.

@wheeljack @TonyStark Well, depending on where you live, you may know more than who you're calling.

Mostly, you talk to staff or interns but often local rep. answers himself.

Just expressing your opinion one way or the other can be enough. They do have to hear from constituents.

Thanks, Glenn!

You're always reliable for a call to action!

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