They have gassed and rubber-bulleted wall of moms, wall of dads, wall of disabled veterans, mom standing on the corner filming, various individual veterans, the mayor, and pretty much anyone else that vocalizes displeasure.

I'm old enough to remember when Republicans opposed authoritarian regimes who use secret police to attack and kidnap citizens, back before the GOP became the party of Putin.

More federal agents dispatched to Portland as protests rise in other cities:

Thugs. Vote Republicans out in overwhelming numbers. .

They think by ramping up the violence; they can frighten us into silence. We will not go away; we'll make our voices heard loud& clear on Election Day.

@AgentCarter_SSR @TonyStark they've already started saying they won't respect the election results if they are not in their favor. ("they" meaning El Presidente and his cronies)

Voting will not save us.

I think we have to focus on trying to win the election(s) in overwhelming numbers and have a plan for if such a refusal occurs.

A lot of Trump is hot empty air, but we should be prepared, anyhow.

@mithrandir @AgentCarter_SSR @TonyStark This is the kind of thing people say when they want to depress turnout.

@TonyStark You'd think at some point we would run out of people willing to pick up their fellow citizens off the street and throw them in unmarked vans, if Trump is planning on deploying his brownshirts to every city with a Democratic mayor where anyone is having a protest.

@MariaHill @TonyStark They should not even be allowed where they are not asked to be.

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