Barr is far worse than Mitchell.

He is Attorney General of the United States and directed a military-style assault on peaceful protestors outside the White House. Barr 's unified executive theory is fascism.

Hopefully, Barr will suffer the same fate as John Mitchell and end up in prison. If he doesn't, we'll all be in trouble. Vote straight Democratic ticket in November.

Trump wanted his Roy Cohn. In William Barr, he found his John Mitchell instead.

@TonyStark His fundamentalism is extremely dangerous. We have to get these people out and remember in November and vote.

@TonyStark A lot of people contend for most dangerous person associated with Trump, but Barr probably possesses it.

Autocracy is here and will just spread further unless we step up.

Drive them all out.

@PixxburghGirl If we get rid of Barr, Trump will find someone worse.

The only solution is to get rid of Trump.

:biden4president: :voteblue2:


Barr is a walking poster on exactly why the people who wrote the US Constitution were so against a state religion. 

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