It is worth repeating that the Democratic party is united by a set of principles that the vast majority of Americans agree with.

One of these is the wise investment of tax dollars in our government and the reliance on those dollars and government to provide a bulwark against disaster.
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Opinion | Now we know why Trump sought foreign help to beat Biden:
Biden is an elusive, skilled opponent. Trump has reason to be afraid.


It is why we have FEMA, the CDC, the national stockpile, the National Weather Bureau, the Coast Guard, and many other agencies- all of which Trump and Republicans have tried to cut or eliminate.

Half a century ago, Republicans started attacking government. Reagan told people to be afraid of government. The party that helped build the national highway system under Eisenhower was suddenly the party that refused to invest tax dollars in anything but the military.

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In spite of half a century of cultural conditioning, most Americans still understand that government has essential functions in the fabric of a good society- functions that private enterprise cannot replace. These functions are wanted and needed and we are finding out the hard way what it's like to see them go: unmitigated disaster.

Joe Biden is giving us a refresher lesson in basic civics, something Trump and the GOP don't want. That's why Trump is frightened. 3/3. :registertovote: :voteblue:

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No doubt you caught this stellar conversation between a real president and our next president. It's worth seeing again imo!
'A Socially Distanced Conversation' on the YT:

What I find refreshing about Biden, in addition to his lifelong experience, knowledge, qualifications, and proven performance ... is that he pays American voters a great compliment when he clearly assumes that most of us actually get it, that we're not stupid, and that most of us can actually hold a thought and a concept that does not fit on the front of a hat.

He has policy. :biden2020:

@SteveRogers @TonyStark While I won't be wearing a pantsuit to my polling place like I did in 2016 (plus everyone who can should ), I'm really looking forward to voting for kind, decent Joe Biden and whoever his running mate is! :biden2020: :voteblue2:

With you 100% on all of that. People are getting it too.......I was way up in the sticks this afternoon for an appt with an older couple living in a manufactured home. Usually when I'm that far out, I get nothing but the simplistic maga schtick.

During the appt they'd roll their eyes & make snide remarks about trump's* ineffective presidency. I was surprised. I would suggest they wouldn't have been so open if local sentiment wasn't headed in that direction.

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