Republicans need to understand that when these unemployed people get the $600 a week, in many if not most cases, over 50% is immediately spoken for as mortgage or rent payments. When rents don't get paid, the banks get bad debts. Same with car payments and credit card payments.

Trump and Republicans are simply bringing another full financial crisis. We can't afford either of them anymore.

An Extra $600 a Week Kept Many Jobless Workers Afloat. Now What Will They Do?

@TonyStark Republicans don't care and spread the myth that people want to stay home and live off of unemployment.

I worked 2 jobs before COVID-19. Now, both are gone. I can't exactly find something new until the pandemic is under control which is also Trump's failing.

@TonyStark I lived for 17 years on $300 a week. I became a slave. I will never not be a slave, measuring my entire life in $300 increments. I can't bring myself to spend more than what I equate to as TWO WEEKS of my time, so yes it is rather limiting. The lucky ones like me who survive get to live their lives as slaves, regardless of how much money I've made now, or what I have come to accept that I am worth.

This is wrong. No one will ever pay.

@TonyStark if they gave a shit they could probably have the Congressional Budget Office model this for them like they do for everything else we need numbers on but they clearly don't give a shit
@TonyStark well haven't they been calling that office a liberal hack since the M4A numbers came out?

@TonyStark They don't care about working people. If there was a chance to give me or you another million dollar tax break they would jump on it. But $600 to help people survive and prevent economic interest. November 3rd can't come soon enough!

The health of our entire country depends upon the compassion of a socially parsimonious GOP. They are poised to plunge so many into a hellish future of hunger and uncertainly. It's terrifying.


A large cycle comes to a standstill and many existences are at stake. Too bad that it happened.

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