House Democrats passed their second Recovery Act back in May- it contains $75B for testing & tracing, $100B for schools, a continuation of $600 unemployment checks through January 2021, as well as many other appropriate spending items.

Senate Republicans have been sitting on it for two months.

As Freedom Caucus chair, Meadows couldn’t even reach deals with his own party. End this incompetence in 96 days. :voteblue2:

Coronavirus relief talks hit impasse on Capitol Hill:

Democrats were ready to negotiate two months ago. Republicans said: Talks can wait. It’s a replay of the GOP’s failed eliminate Obamacare strategy but don’t bother to come up with an alternative. Their only real interest is to eliminate as much as they can of the federal government. They call it libertarianism but it’s a particularly stupid and shortsighted kind of anarchy. Grow up and face reality, GOP. People are tired of it. :biden2020:

@TonyStark Obstructionist Moscow Mitch and his fellow Republicans worked to undermine the Obama administration's efforts for their personal political gain. Now, here they are with a Senate majority and president that they can't manage.

Also, we wouldn't be in this mess if Trump had followed a pandemic plan instead of denying it.

@TonyStark Democrats would never dare pass bills like that, if they couldn’t rely on their Republican friends to stonewall it into oblivion.

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