If we only have embers, then why did Trump suggest that the election should be delayed over the virus? Sounds like he thinks it's a fire to me. Or is simply afraid of his impending doom.

But the economy? While the White House thinks it's on fire, all of the numbers say otherwise. And yet the Republican plan is to hand out wet matches.

Opinion | Trump’s silly new talking point on the coronavirus actually refutes itself:

@TonyStark They have no plan. It's July. They have no plan.

There's not embers left. It's a 5-alarm.

We'll be putting it out soon.

@SteveRogers @TonyStark January 20 is the day the pandemic will be turned around. We will have a president who believes in science.

The economy is on fire; a dumpster fire, like the whole administration

@TonyStark Embers will be all that's left if we don't take the White House back.

@TonyStark He realizes his end is near and will pull out all the stops. This is unfortunately just the beginning.

Somebody needs to remove the 'football' from his possession after he loses for refurbishing or something.

He's bought people off to avoid responsibility for his crimes and failed upward all of his life. Failing downward is a new experience for him. We don't need a nuclear tantrum on our hands.

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