All voters should cast their votes up and down the ballot for Democratic alternatives to Republican candidates. Republicans need a political thrashing, a resounding rejection.

Send your mail ballot early or take it to your county board of elections, if you can. If we are forced to polls, we will mask up and get there.

Postal employees are warning that new procedures put in place by a Trump ally could undermine their ability to deliver ballots in time for the election:

@TonyStark Republicans will try and suppress the vote because they will lose if they don't.

The rest of us must make them lose with our vote and be unstoppable and help others do the same. :voteblue:


Broken glass, mail delays, Covid-19, Hydra goons, nothing is going to stop me from casting my vote. :voteblue2:

@AgentCarter_SSR @TonyStark
Now that's what I'm talking about Brooklyn 💥! ☕😏

@TonyStark Many municipalities have secure drop boxes for ballots. If yours does not, contact your state legislator's office (state representative, delegate, assembly member, state senator). They may be able to get more boxes statewide, or if they simply hear that many constituents want one in a neighborhood, they may be able to arrange for that. It will depend on what the procedure is in your state, but they are a good place to start.

@InternetKevin Some are by chance. They are in very public areas with several locations in every town. Five available in my town.

@TonyStark There is nothing they won’t stop at to stop us but there are more of us.

Do what you need to in order to be counted.

@TonyStark Me, going to the mailbox early, the ballot drop in person, or to the polls, or to D.C. if this guy refuses to leave. :hulk:


Clearly, Trump doesn't care about how anything impacts everyday Americans. It's only about winning at all costs.

Besides voting, mail affects people's prescription medications and pay. Americans need to stand together, those of us who care, and remove this administration as one.

"Everyday Americans?"
Hell, Trump cares about nothing and no one but Trump. We're all sentient furniture in TrumpWorld. #NPDisAHarshMaster

@TonyStark I consider voting for Democrats to be the most important thing I'll do all year. I won't let Republicans or anything else stop me. It's going to take all of us voting and convincing non-voters to join us. :joebiden: :voteblue2:

Donated to Jay Inslee's reelection campaign & bought a couple of sheets of USPS stamps for my part today!
@NatashaRomanoff @TonyStark

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