It's very clear that many more Americans will be casting votes by absentee or mail ballots in 2020.

It's also very clear that Trump and Republicans are desperate to stop it and suppress the vote.

It will take some planning and a little more work from us, the voters, but we can beat this and make our votes count.

Step 1: sign up at to get updates for your state:

and THREAD 1/10 :voteblue:

Figure out what's going on in your state.

November is coming. It's time to be aware of what's happening and make a plan if you want an absentee/mail ballot.

The first mail-in ballots to be sent this year will be in North Carolina, on September 4. But voters there can request a mail-in absentee ballot until October 27. Every state will have It's own dates.

Check your local secretary of state or board of elections website. 2/10

Directory of Secretaries of State:

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Get a mail-in ballot.

A number of states -- the entire West Coast, DC and a few others -- send mail-in ballots to every voter.

Most other states require a voter to apply for a mail-in ballot. Some require an excuse but many have waived it during the COVID-19 crisis. CHECK.

How to Vote by Mail this November: A State by State Guide: Stay safe and make your voice heard this November. 3/10

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The underlying message of the USPS warnings to states about mail delivery is that ballots mailed late may not be delivered in time to be counted under state law.

Some states count ballots received on Election Day. Some states count ballots received by a certain time on Election Day. Some states count ballots postmarked on Election Day, but received by a certain date.

The important thing is to request a ballot early if you aren't voting in person and deliver it ASAP. 4/10

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Track your ballot.

Most states give your ballot a code and enter it into a tracking system and automatically inform you. Those that don't offer a tracking service you can use yourself.

You can go to your state's Secretary of State website or state elections website and see where you are in the process.

If it doesn't arrive, contact your elections office. Many states offer the option of requesting a replacement or a provisional ballot or an in-person vote as a replacement. 5/10

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The Postal Service is the only way to receive an absentee or mail-in ballot in most states.

But voters do not have to use the Postal Service to send in their mail-in ballot.

One option available in most states is to fill out a mail-in ballot and deliver it to your local election office.

Most states organize their local elections by county. Voters can go on their state Board of Elections or secretary of state website and look for a list of local election offices.


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Many voters may not live close enough to return their ballot to an election office. They may be able to instead return it to an alternative location. 

11 states and D.C. allow voters to drop off ballots at any in-person voting location in the county. 2 states allow voters to return their ballots to a polling place.

26 states and D.C. allow someone else to return ballots on behalf of voters.

The Voting Rights Lab will help you track the rules in your state. 7/10

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Another option is drop boxes.

Drop boxes are secure places to drop off your ballot.

Many are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, while others that are monitored by election workers have specified hours of operation. 

Boxes are often placed in convenient and accessible locations, including city or county office buildings, libraries, college campuses, community centers and along public transit routes. Bookmark this site for ongoing information: 8/10

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A third way to vote early and avoid crowds is to vote in person at an early voting site. Many states have expanded early voting during the COVID-19 crisis.

The added bonus of going to an in-person early voting site is that if you are not a registered voter yet — and you don’t have a ballot yet — in 21 states you can register the same day you vote. 9/10

Same Day Voter Registration :registertovote:

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We’ve waited four years to respond and have the chance to vote this administration out.

Wear your mask if you go out to vote. Stay distanced safely.

Let’s respond in force. Register to vote. Request a ballot. Make a plan. Stay informed. Do to make sure your vote counts. Volunteer in your community to help others vote.

We have 87 days left. 10/10 :voteblue: :voteblue2: :bh2020:

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@TonyStark Nobody can stop us, Tony.

We will all do what we need to and cast our votes.

@TonyStark My state is offering everything and that's a reason to right there.


@TonyStark Thank you for this great information, Tony. I always appreciate these.


Wonderfully informative thread, Tony! Thank you for all your hard work!

@TonyStark Nice to meet you too! :sealpointcat: This place seems a lot better than the birdsite.

@TonyStark Thank you for your thread. It will help a lot of people, I’m sure.

Thank you for boosting it and for boosting so much of our work. I appreciate it very much.

@TonyStark You’re welcome, all the way. 🇺🇸💥🐅👊

@TonyStark Every state should have same-day or automatic voter registration. It's way past time.

@Iche_Me There's no reason not to. The Social Security Administration knows who we all are. @Spiderman @TonyStark

@TonyStark I contacted my state senator in the NYS Senate. He’s working on legislation to bring ballot boxes to Nassau County. I’ve also asked about early voting locations in my city. I mentioned it would be a help to people to have as many safe voting options as possible. Vote by mail early. If you can do a ballot box drop off, or early voting, they’re excellent ways to vote. If you vote in person early, or on Election Day, wear a mask, socially distance, and bring hand sanitizer.

Thanks, Pietro.

It's always good to contact your representatives at all levels and thank you for the good information. :voteblue:

You’re welcome, Tony. Yes it is. And thank you for yours, and your work.🇺🇸

@DrStephenStrange @TonyStark Small world. I love it. I will. Thanks you too. 🇺🇸💥👊

@PietroPie @TonyStark I was walking through my building earlier and saw two young women without masks on, but they backed away from me because I *had* a mask on. That makes no sense to me.

@DrStephenStrange @TonyStark Yeah, wear a mask. Good job. They have got in backwards. You’re protecting them. They ought to mask up. That happened to me, too. I always wear my mask.

@PietroPie Have they not watched any news in the past six months? They don't know that healthy people wear masks now? Do they think everyone in the entire city has COVID19 except them and that's why everyone has a mask? @DrStephenStrange @TonyStark

@MariaHill @PietroPie @TonyStark I don't know what people are thinking, honestly. Maybe they have this idea that you can't catch it indoors? There are still tons of covid myths people believe. You're *more* likely to catch it inside.

@PietroPie @TonyStark especially since at least one person in our building has caught it!!

@TonyStark @PietroPie all the more reason to wear one all the time. We have a bunch of homemade ones and some we bought online. I think of them as a fashion statement!

@DrStephenStrange @TonyStark @PietroPie I hope you can stay safe!

I've seen some very cool designs featuring studs and patches of tartan, but if I'm gonna wear a punk face mask, it'll be one that I decorated myself. I mean, it would directly contradict the DIY ethos if I just bought it like that. I do have a good leopard print one, though.

@Thunderbirds511 @PietroPie @TonyStark Thank you! Doing my best to. I have a whole decontamination routine for when I go out and come back.

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In Colorado, county websites have ballot dropbox locations. Check for your municipality.

Ballot Drop Box Locations - Douglas County Government

@TonyStark You’ve worked hard on this and it shows. Thank you.

One thing that’s clear is how variable state election laws are. It discourages some people from bothering to figure out how to vote and then doing it. We need more standardized methods of voting, but we do need to keep it in the hands of individual states, because all of this would be even more of a disaster if it weren’t for some good state leaders doing the right thing. :bh2020:

We can all take action to make this better.

@NatashaRomanoff @TonyStark We’re fighting for the soul of the country! 🇺🇸👊💥

@TonyStark I got my ballot application automatically (I’m in NC :nc:), but I’m going to drop my ballot off in person. It feels like the safest option. There’s a big part of me that would love the once-in-a-lifetime nature of voting early at Bank of America stadium, where some type of sports ball is played. 😄 They’re setting that up in October for social distancing. :bidenharris:

ALL Love and gratitude to those postal workers who are refusing orders and going ahead with their duty!
I'd say give them a hug, but y'know... make it known. These people are our heroes!

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