Robert Redfield can try to publicly defend the thousands of dedicated CDC employees who've been slandered by Caputo, but it is far too little and too late to undo the lasting damage that has been done to the CDC.

Regardless of how it was once considered an objective and respected health agency, fewer and fewer Americans now have faith in the CDC. The only solution is a new administration.

Top HHS official takes leave of absence after Facebook rant on CDC conspiracies

@TonyStark I desperately need Congress to push a bill that would remove the ability for the Executive branch to appoint anyone without qualifications to these positions. It should be about who CAN do the job always.

Come what may in November, this place ain't ever gonna be the same again.


I plan to advocate for that in the next term if we're still here (aka win in November.)

❤ to Worf.

@TonyStark it is a shame that Trump destroys everything he touches.

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