Remember 4 years ago when you did not have to worry about the Post Office being destroyed, health care being yanked out from under you, or Social Security being defunded by eliminating payroll taxes? 

Remember being able to wake up in the morning without a gnawing sense of anxiety, afraid to look at the news to see what new atrocity was perpetrated after you went to bed?

I remember and I want it back again.  My guess is I am not the only one.


Has it only been four years?
I miss sanity& civility in the WH. I miss not tossing& turning at night& waking up to check my phone. I miss not grinding my teeth every time I read the news.

@calculsoberic @TonyStark

It's Civil War that always gets me. I can only watch the first half hour. Cap gets that text& I'm done😭

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