I’ve heard from people that they want a reason to vote FOR Biden beyond the fact that he's not Trump. I respect that. So here's 75 reasons to vote for that don't have anything to do with Trump.

1. $15.00 federal minimum wage
2. Reinstate DACA – allowing new applicants to apply
3. 12 weeks federal paid family leave
4. Universal pre-kindergarten/childcare for ages 3 and 4
5. Tuition-free college for those with household incomes less than $125,000 THREAD 1/15

6. Allow student loans to be relieved in bankruptcy
7. LGBTQ+ Equality Act in the first 100 days in office
8. Rejoin the Paris Climate Accords
9. Decriminalize cannabis use and expunge convictions
10. Eliminate cash bail system
11. Eliminate mandatory minimum sentences
12. Outlaw all online firearm and munition sales
13. Restore the Voting Rights Act
14. Triple funding for Title I education programs
15. Reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

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16. Ensure the U.S. achieves a 100% clean energy economy and net-zero emissions no later than 2050
17. Protect biodiversity, slowing extinction rates and helping leverage natural climate solutions
18. Lead the global effort to end gender-based violence
19. End federal private prisons
20. End all incarceration for drug use alone and divert individuals to drug courts and treatment
21. Invest in public defenders’ offices to ensure defendants’ access to quality counsel

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22. Reform qualified immunity for police officers
23. Ban choke-holds/neck restraints by police
24. Launch a national police oversight commission
25. Stop transferring weapons of war to police forces
26. Free access to COVID-19 testing for all with a national testing board
27. Double the amount of drive-through testing sites
28. Employ and train a 100,000 person contact-tracing workforce
29. Guarantee first responders have priority access to PPE 4/15

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30. Provide income relief for anyone who loses their income due to COVID-19 or needs to stop working take care of a loved one
31. Free housing for health care workers who need to quarantine
32. Ramp up large scale manufacturing of as many vaccine source candidates as necessary
33. Ask every American to wear a mask
34. End the mismanagement of the asylum system, which fuels violence and chaos at the border
35. Surge humanitarian resources to the border

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36. End prolonged detention and reinvest in a case management program for immigrantion
37. Rescind the un-American travel and refugee bans, also referred to as “Muslim bans.”
38. Order an immediate review of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for vulnerable populations who cannot find safety in their countries ripped apart by violence or disaster

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39. Ensure that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) personnel abide by professional standards and are held accountable for inhumane treatment
40. Raise the corporate tax rate to 28 percent.
41. Impose a tax penalty on corporations that ship jobs overseas in order to sell products back to America.
42. Imposing a 15% minimum tax on corporate income so that no corporation gets away with paying no taxes.

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43. Raise the top individual income rate back to 39.6 percent
44. Tackle the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous Women
45. Ensure tribal nations will have a strong voice and role in the federal government
46. Restore tribal lands and safeguard natural and cultural resources
47. Invest $70 billion in tribal colleges and universities and minority-serving institutions.

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48. Ensure full inclusion of people with disabilities in policy development and aggressively enforce the civil rights of people with disabilities
49. Expand competitive, integrated employment opportunities for people with disabilities
50. Ensure that students with disabilities have access to educational programs and support they need to succeed, from early interventions to post-secondary education

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51. Double the number of psychologists, guidance counselors, nurses, social workers, and other health professionals in our schools so our kids get the mental health care they need
52. Invest in our schools to eliminate the funding gap between white and non-white districts, and rich and poor districts
53. Improve teacher diversity
54. Support our educators by giving them the pay and dignity they deserve.

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55. Ensure that no child’s future is determined by their zip code, parents’ income, race, or disability.
56. Provide every middle and high school student a path to a successful career
57. Start investing in our children at birth
58. Double funding for the State Small Business Credit Initiative.
59. Expand the New Markets Tax Credit, make the program permanent, and double Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) funding for lower-income community businesses 11/15

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60. Improve and expand the Small Business Administration programs that most effectively support Black-owned businesses.
61. Increase funding for the Minority Business Development Agency budget
62. Make sure economic relief because of COVID-19 reaches the businesses that need it most
63. Reserve half of all the new PPP funds for small businesses with 50 employees or less
64. Help families buy first homes and build wealth by creating a new refundable, advanceable tax credit of up to $15,000 12/15

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65. Protect homeowners/renters from abusive lenders and landlords through a new Homeowner and Renter Bill of Rights.
66. Establish a $100B Affordable Housing Fund to construct and upgrade affordable housing
67. Fully implement Congressman Clyburn’s 10-20-30 Plan to help all individuals living in persistently impoverished communities
68. Extend broadband access to every American
69. Protect and build on the Affordable Care Act to improve access to quality health care in rural communities 13/15

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70. Expand access to high-quality education in rural schools
71. Transform our crumbling transportation infrastructure – including roads and bridges, rail, aviation, ports, and inland waterways.
72. Expand bio-based manufacturing to bring cutting-edge manufacturing jobs back to rural America
73. Introduce a constitutional amendment to entirely eliminate private dollars from our federal elections
74. End dark money groups influencing our government

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75. Ban corporate PAC contributions to candidates, and prohibit lobbyist contributions to those who they lobby

There are many more on his website. I encourage you to share this information and help. We have an opportunity to not end what work needs to be done to make America what it should be, but an opportunity to undo the damage and restart.



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@TonyStark This goes towards the future I want. Just like Senator Harris:

@TonyStark Thanks for all your hard work, my friend! We can use it to persuade people who aren’t enthusiastic about voting to get out and vote for . It’s not easy to get people to switch sides, but it’s also important to get new voters and ones who haven’t voted in a while. :voteblue2:


Thanks, Nat!

Voter turnout is setting records across the USA.

We have 18 days to make it even bigger and create a

I'm up for it.

@TonyStark One of the people on my call list yesterday was an 85-year-old woman who told me "Biden landslide, dear." 🔮 @NatashaRomanoff

@TonyStark People like to claim that Democrats don’t have policies or plans, unless the Democrat is Elizabeth Warren who made it her slogan. They did it to Hillary four years ago. The truth is, those people aren’t listening. Thanks for this comprehensive list.

It felt good to write.

The facts are right there and reversing where this has been going for 4 years would indeed make any candidate for the Democrats against Trump the far superior choice.

It's why all serious former candidates know this as well.

@TonyStark @MariaHill
Smart Democrats recognize that in a country where 40 percent or so thinks Trump is some kind of inspirational genius is a country where progress can't be an all or nothing proposition. We can't get anything done in the right direction if this chaos continues another four years, and a conservative 6-3 Supreme Court majority demonstrates that all too painfully.

💯 Do your part!! .

Volunteer, Donate, help someone who needs your assistance to vote. Work like your life, more importantly your family’s, your children's, your grandchildren’s lives depends on it because it does. Your neighbors and fellow citizens like me need your vote for

That's something important to think about that I learned from you, Doctor.

@TonyStark Other countries don’t have the swollen political industry that we do, and they’re better off for that. The political industry pumps millions upon millions of dollars into hurtful messaging that doesn’t even have to be true. The richest thrive no matter how malevolent they are because they can afford it. We can start to dismantle that system if we vote for . :bh2020: :voteblue2:

@NatashaRomanoff @TonyStark There are so many Democrats who want to dismantle that system and if they can already refuse PAC money whether it hurts them or not. It’s yet another difference between the 2 parties. :voteblue: :voteblue2:

@TonyStark My previous neighbors had to move out in May because their landlord jacked up their rent by a few hundred dollars a month *during this pandemic*. If that’s not an abusive landlord, I don’t know what is. It sounds like a Homeowner Bill of Rights would’ve protected them.


Until we address some of these things systemically (and probably even after), we need big safety nets for people who are left out and a bill like this is one.

We clearly cannot trust people as a whole to do it on their own for the sake of being good. Obviously, too many people won't.

This is what a government should be for.

@TonyStark I'm especially enthusiastic about 49 and 50, as I have a disability and also work in the field!!

@TonyStark I deeply appreciate the attention that they're paying to missing and murdered Indigenous Women and tribal rights. It's a subject near and dear to my heart.

@TonyStark #41 is something I think the vast majority of people could get behind.

@TonyStark We could pay for so much simply with this one act of holding corporations accountable to pay their taxes. We know why Republicans are against it. :bh2020:

@TonyStark I do a lot of shopping online (well, I guess most of us do now) and one of the most FAQ of all FAQs on every product page at Amazon is "where is this made." I hope all the people asking that question in the USA know that Joe Biden cares about American jobs (in manufacturing and otherwise), but Trump doesn't, no matter how many empty phrases he bellows at his rallies.

@TonyStark Demilitarizing the police is an idea that has a lot more appeal than defunding. I don’t think many people want to see armed forces turned against ourselves.

@TonyStark Some real policy to get us through a pandemic would be nice.

@TonyStark If you care about LGBTQ issues at all, vote and vote

@TonyStark That is quite a list you have there and a good one at that.

@BruceBanner @Thunderbirds511 @TonyStark @ThorOfAsgard oh, and now you're dancing to Feel Good Inc. by Gorillas. I'm just going to conclude that it goes with any song.

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