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Are Republicans self-sabotaging their election campaign?

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@InternetKevin I didn't followed the latest developments but I fear Twitter/Facebook moves are only serving the GOP/Alt-Right interest, they are weaponizing the situation to their interest, that's very clear.
Meanwhile Democrats are voting en masse, that's good, but will it be enough?

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I think the situation is much rotten that unless a bluewave, really out of the ordinary, something so powerful that would leave Trump speechless and his base completely in dismay, I'm not sure how Trump will not use every possible little things to supposedly prove the election was rigged to his disadvantage

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@rmdes There is the whole disputing the election result thing. Is that really the GOP strategy?!?

That sounds pretty nuts to me. I mean there are some countries where stuff like that happens, but the USA is a superpower.

It doesn't make sense. But to me Trump 2020 seems like more of an early excuses campaign than an actual re-election campaign. I mean I haven't seen anything to appeal to swing voters.
Have I missed something?

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@InternetKevin the good people like @TonyStark at are doing everything they can to sensibilise swing voters but the situation is also different from 2016, much of the swings aren't here or on Twitter, if they exist they are on discord, parler, gab, Facebook, where the Cons are the most busy.
Instagram is pretty much owned by the blue wave.


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We do a considerable amount of offline, in-person (now more face-to-face virtually) with undecided and swing voters, also. Mastodon is our home now due to the unpleasant nature and low responsibility of the corporate-owned forms of social media. Thank you kindly for the mention!


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