This didn't have to happen. It wouldn't have happened if we'd had national leadership that put human lives ahead of personal political concerns. It wouldn't have happened if so many Republican governors hadn't acted as a Trumpist cult followers and rushed to throw open states without regard for public health consequences.  

We were and are utterly without leadership and every single person will suffer as a result.

Please do something to change this in November.

Strong, coherent, and consistent messaging from the start - regarding handwashing, wearing masks, social distancing and staying home - would have prevented countless amounts of suffering and death.

Trump failed on every level.

I hope this story makes at least one person think twice right now. We need new leadership as fast as we can get it.

Man who went to party warned people not to be an 'idiot like me’ a day before dying of covid-19:

Democrats can be competitive and win elections everywhere.

The value of continuing to work hard and organize is high.

Trump won this district big in 2016, but Democratic Governor Andy Beshear won it last year in a race against then-Republican incumbent Matt Bevin. It can be done.

Congratulations, Karen Berg. 

Democrats flip a state Senate seat for first time since 2010 & more election results:

Is there any other kind of Republican left?

Fortunately, there's a Democrat running- Diane Mitsch Bush:

Yesterday, Colorado Republicans replaced a five-term incumbent with a QAnon supporter whose gun-themed restaurant ignored the state's stay-at-home order:

In our mission to flip the Senate, one of our best opportunities lies in Colorado. Cory Gardner is a first-term Trump supporter in a state that's turning increasingly blue.

Republicans will be desperate to keep this seat. Help former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper take it for Democrats in November:

Colorado votes for John Hickenlooper to take on GOP Sen. Cory Gardner, CNN projects -

If only we'd dealt with the problem on a federal level and synchronized the response to COVID, we might be moving to the closing stage.

But Trump made an apolitical pandemic political, refused to promote wearing masks in public and social distancing, and his enablers all jumped on board the crazy train.

I'd like a different president. We all know how to get there. :joebiden:

Workers are getting laid off for a second time, as the virus’s surge puts reopenings on hold:

Help Amy McGrath ditch Mitch McConnell in November.

McGrath wins Kentucky Senate primary

The former Marine fighter pilot dispatched Democratic opponent Charles Booker and will face Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in November.

Your states have primary elections taking place today, Tuesday, June 30th. If you haven't already voted early or by mail, drop off your ballot or vote today. All elections matter. Every vote counts.

In Colorado, you can still register and vote today. See @HeroesResist for information on all 3 states. If you go out, wear a mask and keep a safe social distance.

Check with people you know and remind them to vote.


Trump continues to see the pandemic as a political problem that's affecting him, not a health care problem that affects the public.  There is little doubt that he sees himself as the pandemic's biggest victim.

Beyond merely winning the election, we have to stuff the evil unleashed by Trump back under its rock. There must be an unequivocal repudiation that cannot be spun away.  Every vote matters to send the message that good (Biden) triumphs over evil (Trump).

Colorado, your state and local primary elections are taking place Tuesday, June 30.

All registered voters received a mail ballot. If you haven't turned yours in, it must be dropped off by 7PM on Tuesday. Locations:

If you didn't register or need to vote in person, you still can at a vote center; visit to find one.

Wear your mask and follow social distancing. There are important races and a big U.S. Senate race.

Imagine being an intelligence officer and passing this up the line and the only response from leadership is for Trump to urge that Russia be readmitted to the G7.

It’s odd, isn’t it, how the traitor knows everything about everything— unless said knowing has anything to do with honesty, decency, or simply doing his damn job.

Russian bounties to Taliban-linked militants resulted in deaths of U.S. troops, according to intelligence assessments -

Genuine bullshit.

There is no plan. If they had one, they'd have put it out there to sell it. Does he remember that the public rejected the last "plan" they came up with?

Azar Suggests No Obamacare Replacement Plan Before Election -

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What's slightly amusing is that if every other seat had been filled, then the arena would have at least appeared to be somewhat full. But the incompetence of this administration continues to win on every level.

Workers removed thousands of social distancing stickers before Trump’s Tulsa rally, according to video and a person familiar with the set-up:

Well, Trump managed to get his big travel ban after all: against us.

And after all of this, the Republican Party wants to give this man four more years. Seriously.

Vote EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN you can out of office.

E.U. closer to barring travelers from U.S., where coronavirus is surging:

The US has 4.25% of the world population and 125,000 deaths to COVID-19 and growing. The entire world has had 491,000 deaths. Our president* says things are going fine as the states that listened to him are crushed by new cases. Think maybe we need new leadership?

Reopening reverses course in Texas and Florida as coronavirus cases spike:

A tale of two parties:

GOP - Trying to take away heath insurance from people in a pandemic.

Democrats - Trying to give people without representation a voice in their government.

Tom Cotton Shows the Case Against D.C. Statehood Hasn’t Changed Since Marion Barry. It’s always been racist, partisan, and nonsensical.

This has to be the least surprising headline of the year. Once we knew that recipients' names were being hidden, the rest of the story wrote itself. 

"Drain the swamp" to the GOP really means "let's all bleed the taxpayers for as much money as we can." 

This is the most corrupt government we've ever had and I hope they're all swept away in a crushing wave of change come November.

SBA exempted lawmakers, federal officials from ethics rules in $660 billion loan program:

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