Want to help turn important swing state blue?

Join us for our weekly text bank to help
register people across the state of Pennsylvania to vote! With this November's election shaping up to be the most important in decades, we need YOUR help to reach our goal of registering 5000 new voters! :pa: :voteblue: :voteblue2:

Weekly Voter Registration Text Bank! · Pennsylvania Stands Up

PA HD 38 is a long-time Democratic district with working class, union labor roots based in the Mon Valley and around West Mifflin - but it's a district that Trump just barely won by 2 points in 2016.

The State House seat is an open seat race and the Democratic nominee, Nick Pisciottano, has a legitimate battle to keep this seat blue. If he does well, it helps Joe Biden in this area too.

Please join this important phone bank this Sunday, Sep 27th, from 1pm to 3pm.


A resistance.social that has several layers of meaning. Enjoy some Kurt Vile, which is enjoyable always, anyway.

Kurt Vile - "Pretty Pimpin" Official Video

Directed by Daniel Henry

Anyone who would accept a nomination
1) at a date as late as this one;
2) from a president as corrupt as this one and;
3) who would accept confirmation from a Senate as compromised as this one

does not deserve the title "Justice."  


Bummer. I was really looking forward to President Biden unilaterally diverting wall funding to mass transit projects and Pentagon spending to national healthcare and climate change.

Good for her for hanging in there.

Kentucky state Rep. Attica Scott, who proposed ‘Breonna’s Law’ to end no-knock search warrants statewide, arrested at protest:

Another illegal appointment bites the dust.

Judge Removes Trump's Public Lands Chief William Perry Pendley : NPR

My co-worker & I often talk about trump.
We find ourselves sharing the newest horrible things he has said & done.
So the other day she tells me she's going to write in Bernie Sanders.
The reason? "trump & Biden are not all there, neither one of them."
You can imagine my reaction.
I asked that she Google what Bernie himself & AOC have said about voting for Biden.
Then I suggested she watch the debates or Biden's town hall on CNN.
I'll keep you posted on my progress to WIN BACK THIS VOTE!

I watched Senator Sanders speaking with Rachel Maddow last night and he had some inspiring, thoughtful things to listen to.

The Senator would like to see his own legislation get passed and a Democratic President (and Senate) is the only way we do that.

A Biden/Harris administration would also come with a real Cabinet and administrators who would be qualified for their jobs. It's much more than about Biden, who's more than qualified anyway.

He can put on as many U.S. Steel hats as he wants. We don't buy his fake stories about jobs and we aren't voting for him.

:pittsbgh: :voteblue2: :bidenharris:

Trump Features Steel Plant That Laid Off Hundreds in New Ad About 'the Best' Economy - VICE

@NatashaRomanoff @TonyStark

All we need is most people participating and I urge people to think outside themselves. This election will mean life or death to many.

@TonyStark When I was volunteering for Democrats during 2016, my absolute favorite thing to do was voter registration. I had to push past my nerves and go stand in front of a grocery store for a couple of hours, asking as many people as possible the phrase that's lodged in my brain: "Are you registered to vote at your current address?" It was so rewarding and people were happy to do it, for the most part.

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