ok i just found out stuff so i'm moving to @alexandre from now on ^^

fckng finally ! i still need to add the transcript, the vignette and timestamps to add but i'll do those asap so i can actually make the vid public lol

probably the program i've commented the most ever lol, it will be discussed in part 4 of the video (i mainly took a bit of time to code this whole thing and be sure it works lmao)

ok lol i finally finished the audio recording, 23:47 ffs ! gonna have to add visuals a little bit when it's necessary, last time it was a bit hard so i think there's usually be a static image, but i defo need to draw visualisations for the voting part lol.

ok so i modified the title a bit bcs it's a bit more accurate lmao

the script is finally finished, i can start recording now but i need to sleep first lol, maybe i'll add a few things midway through but there's just gonna be some minor additions if anything

phew i finally finished that fckng draft, it's >2k words long (in comparison the general take's final script was 1.4k lmao). at least two thirds of it can be copy-pasted in the final script tho so that's cool (i'm talking about the voting system part lmao).

ugh, i was just supposed to take a few notes for tomorrow to begin the script lmao

i will do the direct democracy one first, as i think it won't take too much time and could fit well as a direct successor -- or at least supplement -- to the first video. the transhumanism one is expected to be much longer tho.

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so, i'm going to do two more videos. there *will* be more after these ones, but idk which stuff i'll talk about precisely yet, maybe i'll get the ideas when i write the scripts for both.

oh yeah did that 1312 thing a while ago. basically it's a binary representation of 1-3-1-2 (1-11-1-10) :
1 10
thought it was cool lol

let's inaugurate this account with an infuriating screenshot from fighter g gundam lmao


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