"Keep a watch on the sandman of time, will he gaze into your eyes or mine? Will he knock on your door and invite you to the other side?
Catch him writing the score as he takes you on another ride
Hang on tight boy, you're starting to slide...
Hey boys, come out and dig the dance
Come on and take a chance
Believe in the light of day


Forgive my self-indulgence.

Hey fellow do we know any Patent/Trademark attorneys? I woke up with a protest/community organizing App idea. Call it "Behalf". E.g. I'm so sick, I can't attend any protests but if anyone would like to make a little money by attending on my "behalf" I'd generously throw in. Details would get complicated but on the surface, why couldn't this work? We need a million souls in DC right NOW. I dreamed tonight that it would make a difference.

Good morning my fellow .
F**K NBC NEWS. Just thought I'd say that.

Dear Fellow Just a quick hello. I was kinda overcome today with this weird, sad feeling of irony. "Here I am struggling to fight against stage 4 cancer, but for the sake of my disabled wife and 13-year-old son I'm more concerned about the twisted, dystopian world I may be leaving them." Please, people, it's not hyperbole. Destroying the ACA could bankrupt us. We can counter Amy Barrett if we win the election. If not, women, POC, LGBTQ rights are all gonna go. No Joke.

Hey California, Don't be fooled by the ads, Vote YES on Prop 21. Here's why: bwnews.pr/2GBlXnU

Hey California, End the Cash bail system. Vote YES on Prop 25 lat.ms/3cXEpDq

Colorado Song
These guys played my little high school in Shawnee KS in 1973. How was I to know this windswept prairie I just moved to (from Boston) held such beauty, such talent and such promise?

Maybe some day when worlds are done
And the sky is but a memory
Then we can slide into each others love
You know just like the thunder does to the golden sea
Golden sea

Come back, come here, come back here

Living is a little game
Give and take
Gather and shed the time
Cause what you're gonna give
You're surely gonna take
Gather and shed the time

(Jimmy Spheeris - Come Back)

I cannot go anymore to the marshes, where the gatekeeper smiles at the poisons he's made...

Well family, I'm back. I missed you. I've been quiet because I'm processing my diagnosis of "stage 4 metastatic pancreatic cancer", news of which is trickling out slowly. No fanfare no big announcements. I'm a fighter, and @cloutwoman needs me to help prepare the family for what comes next - for me, chemo, and right now no one knows how long I've got. I'll just with all my heart and strength. "News at 11" and I love you all. Thanks for your support and camaraderie.

To all my fellow just a quick note to check in. Recovery from surgery is getting complicated. I'm in a lot of pain and also weak still. My go-to computer is spontaneously rebooting and I can't figure it out. Please keep the faith and stand together ok? I'll write as the opportunity presents itself.

I long for the day when jokes about the President don't write themselves.

My son Johnny lost a classmate to the smoke from the wildfires. Asthma. 13 years old. It's gonna start getting closer to home for us all.
Climate change is real. Science Knows. gofundme.com/f/harmon-moncada-

CORRECTION: I got the location of the Trump rally wrong. It's being held in Petrie Dish, NV.

youtu.be/W0DokYujX6M "So long old buddy, I'm going away
So long old buddy, I'm leaving today
But don't forget all the things that we will do, that we will do, and I know you'll spare a thought for me, and I'll say a prayer for you"

Toots Hibbert - first saw Toots and the Maytalls with the WHO in 1975. Through a really wierd mixup, in 1997, my friend Boots Jaffee (Mishawaka Inn, Ft. Collins) left his briefcase, in Santa Cruz, on my car in a hotel parking lot. I hadn't seen Boots in years. I found it, got it back to him and discovered he was working for Merl Saunders. Merl was playing shows with Toots in SF and several joyful dreamy trippy musical adventures ensued. Toots was a giant. Rest in Power, Toots.

Well the last week has been one of the most challenging - for us all, I'm sure. Recovering from surgery and coming off all those delicious, dangerous, helpful/hurtful pain drugs has left me rather emotional. It's a side-effect - my core traits are amplified when I'm on that sh*t. So forgive me if I wax poetic and philosophical the next few days. The West Coast is on fire, the whole country is sick. Just keep the lights on so I can find my way home, ok?

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