To all my fellow just a quick note to check in. Recovery from surgery is getting complicated. I'm in a lot of pain and also weak still. My go-to computer is spontaneously rebooting and I can't figure it out. Please keep the faith and stand together ok? I'll write as the opportunity presents itself.

I long for the day when jokes about the President don't write themselves.

My son Johnny lost a classmate to the smoke from the wildfires. Asthma. 13 years old. It's gonna start getting closer to home for us all.
Climate change is real. Science Knows.

CORRECTION: I got the location of the Trump rally wrong. It's being held in Petrie Dish, NV. "So long old buddy, I'm going away
So long old buddy, I'm leaving today
But don't forget all the things that we will do, that we will do, and I know you'll spare a thought for me, and I'll say a prayer for you"

Toots Hibbert - first saw Toots and the Maytalls with the WHO in 1975. Through a really wierd mixup, in 1997, my friend Boots Jaffee (Mishawaka Inn, Ft. Collins) left his briefcase, in Santa Cruz, on my car in a hotel parking lot. I hadn't seen Boots in years. I found it, got it back to him and discovered he was working for Merl Saunders. Merl was playing shows with Toots in SF and several joyful dreamy trippy musical adventures ensued. Toots was a giant. Rest in Power, Toots.

Well the last week has been one of the most challenging - for us all, I'm sure. Recovering from surgery and coming off all those delicious, dangerous, helpful/hurtful pain drugs has left me rather emotional. It's a side-effect - my core traits are amplified when I'm on that sh*t. So forgive me if I wax poetic and philosophical the next few days. The West Coast is on fire, the whole country is sick. Just keep the lights on so I can find my way home, ok?

Lights have been flickering ominously here as the temperature creeps up past 103. Maybe now's a good time to turn' em so I'll get a surprise when the rolling blackouts hit

Good morning fellow Stay cool today. This is Tracy CA at 7 a.m.
Excuse my absence the last few days if you will, surgery has pretty much laid me up for the last few days and I'm just starting to get moving around again.

Hey fellow the last several days have been mind-numbingly busy, in all ways - personal, professional, public and private. I'm just now getting caught up. I just thought I'd tell you all l love you. I don't know how this is all supposed to work out, but I have faith that it will all work out the way it's supposed to. Stay positive. Stand.

I just donated to something tells me they're gonna be reallllly busy for the next 6 months or more.

Don't miss this. It's worth repeating over and over. Share it.

Spain, Italy, Japan, Canada, the UK and Germany have a combined population of 422M.
Yesterday they had 52 deaths, combined total.
The US has 332M people, and yesterday we had over 1,100 deaths. Republicans speak of the virus in the past tense. They're actively trying to kill us.

Good morning fellow I'm finally feeling a wee bit better, and in honor of Chadwick Boseman, Imma make the best outta every vertical minute on this mortal plane. Here's a little data that shows how the racist police are helping fascists and white supremacists in their quest to suppress the rights and lives of POC.

For anyone wondering what it is I'm so upset about, here's last night's latest example.
The president wants this. It will help him justify challenging any election or any outcome of an election, and will help him attempt to use the military against American people. He knows he can't win so he'll have a war here in a last-ditch effort to hold on to power.

Profoundly sad this morning. The conscience of a nation has been drained into a sewer.
In order to prove a point, militias and racists and Republicans now believe NO life matters. To them, property is more valuable than life - theirs OR yours. Power and control over life matters more than life itself to these people.

Last night while the fascist Republicans held their maskless lie-fest of a convention from the white house, virtually raping the Hatch Act in the process, Militia members were up in Kenosha to incite more violence and show how they value property over lives - with the help of local law enforcement, 2 more people were shot dead, yet nobody's storefront burned up. It should be clear to all now, Trump will circumvent the election by inciting violence. Stay strong. Stand.

Ok I've been MIA so sorry. I'm working on something that's kind of like a secret project and when I get the chance to make an announcement I will tell y'all. Till then we continue to and . Stay well and safe will say more tomorrow.

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