Here's a cover shot of Nigella Lawson with a copy of GEV Magazine featuring Michelin-starred chef Dominique Crenn.
Those were the days!

First the stroke, and then before she could recover, this pandemic has all the great restaurants struggling to keep their doors open. Many have closed. Millions out of work.120,000 lives lost so far. We don't know if it will ever be like it was before, dining out used to be such a treat! We miss Tony Bourdain. We have many TeraBytes of images of great dining, it's like a dreamscape from a lost world now. Maybe the images will be useful when we start to rebuild. - K and J

Hi all! I'm Kaye, and my hubby @cloutman is helping me get set up in here. He says this will be a kind of safer space for me than "birdsite". I'm recovering from a stroke and TBI, and have "Aphasia" which means it takes a lot of effort for me to find the words, and to understand what i hear or read. Sometimes I get shy to talk/write but I need the practice. I'm getting better. I'm a big fan. I love food, wine, and fashion, and was founder of "before". See you soon!


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